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Geotechnical and Structural Condition Assessment
Geotechnical and Structural Condition Assessment
Landslip Assessment and Remediation Design
Structural Condition Assessment
Structural Condition Assessment and Remediation Design
Civil/Structural Advice in Pipe Crossing
Retaining Wall Design
Structural Concept Design
Block Wall Retaining Wall Design

We have plenty of services like:
- Independent expert services:
Do you have issues with your property such as settling, moisture-related floor problems, wall cracks, and more? Are you seeking an inspection and condition assessment for your property, along with a comprehensive report that can be submitted to your insurance company for a claim? At S&A Group, we have a team of experts with extensive experience in structural and geotechnical assessments who can provide this service within a 10-day timeframe.

- Drafting (both architectural and structural):
Are you an engineer or architect with a busy workload and limited time for drafting? Do you aspire to advance with professionally presented drawings? Worry not, as we have a team of skilled drafters ready to assist you. Rest assured, the drawings will bear your company's name and title blocks.

- Engineering services:
We have an extensive portfolio of structural designs in timber, concrete, and steel, complemented by a wealth of ready-to-use spreadsheets for swift design solutions. If needed, we can also furnish PS1 and PS4 documents to meet your specific requirements.

- Geotechnical investigation
If you have concerns about landslides, landslips, or any geotechnical issues and you're seeking a geotechnical assessment to identify the source of the problem and explore remediation options, we can provide the expertise you need.

- Value engineering:
Are you a client, builder, or owner embarking on a project and looking to minimize construction costs? We have an excellent proposition for you. We'll review your drawings promptly and assess whether cost reductions are feasible through redesign. If you approve, we'll proceed with the redesign, and our fee will be 40% of the savings achieved. This means you'll save 60%, in addition to avoiding potential delays and unnecessary on-site expenses. It's a compelling offer, isn't it?

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What we do
Architecture & Design, Surveying & Engineering
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Auckland, Franklin, Hauraki Islands, Manukau, North Shore, Papakura, Rodney, Waitakere, Waiheke Island
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Geotechnical and Structural Assement in Effect of Flood

The enclosed report assesses the impact of the January 2023 flood on the house structure, aiming to determine the existing risk level, assess the causal factors of the various damage outlined, and propose necessary remediation requirements based on the condition assessment. This detailed analysis has been conducted by Shahram Aftabiazar, a professional with expertise in both structural and geotechnical engineering. He holds degrees in these fields and is a distinguished member of the New Zealand Engineering Association. Upon examination, it was determined that the recent flood, exceeding the stormwater network's capacity to drain surface water from the catchpit, was the primary reason for the water overflow on the property. This overflow, in turn, led to the unexpected settling of the house foundations and subsequent slumping within some areas of the house. To ensure that the settlement, initiated after the flood, ceases at this stage and to restore the foundation to its original state, remedial actions have been proposed.

Roof design
Structural detail
Architechtural and Structural Design

The client, an architect, sketched out his concept on a piece of paper, and we translated his ideas into detailed architectural and structural designs. The structure comprised concrete walls with a concrete slab and timber flooring. The project featured a unique roof design, and special rafters were meticulously designed to meet the specific requirements.

Raft Foundation
Deck and Boardwalk Structural Design

The project involved renovating the existing house and constructing an additional garage. The owner specifically requested the design of a boardwalk to facilitate wheelchair access from the new garage to the house.

Ground condition
Geotechnical/Structural Assessment

This is the owner's words" Three years ago we had cracking on our patio around the swimming pool. I wasn't that concerned about it at the time and monitored it. About 12-18 Months ago another crack developed across the patio but this time it has gone across the concrete swimming pool. I contacted the company who installed the pool for their advice and they visited and inspected the damage. In their opinion, the cracks in the pool and patio have been caused by ground movement. It has stabilized or seems to have, as the width of the cracks hasn't changed in the last 6 - 8 months. The insurance company has asked me to engage a suitably qualified engineer to inspect the damage and provide a report, at our cost. Is this something you would be able to do and failing that are you able to make a recommendation on who can?" We had a site investigation and gave the owner remediation details.

Architectural Drafting

An experienced architect, lacking a drafting team, utilized our services for a single-story house project. We handled architectural drafting, structural design, and the preparation and submission of documents to the council for building concent, all of which were included in our comprehensive service.

Cracks on the wall
Structural Asessment

Due to excavation work near the church, the main structure experienced settlements and cracks. The church authorities sought an assessment of the risks involved and guidance on how to address the situation. Following a thorough investigation, we provided a detailed remediation plan. The contractor implemented the plan according to our design specifications.

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