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Matt Pentecost Builders

I'm a 28 yr old with 8 years building experince. i am not yet qualified, i state this as i am not one for giving false impressions. Currently living between Tokoroa and tauranga. coving all of the waikato and bay of plenty. Due to the current economical climate i am out looking for my own work as contracting is too "on and off" so it's as good a time as any to start out on my own.


Residential Building
Western BOP
We are specialized in new builds and renovation, and we also do smaller jobs from time to time. We take pride in what we do and we make sure that whatever we do, will meet our client's needs. We provide competitive quotes and try to complete the jobs on budget. We always make sure that we hit our deadlines. We are here to help you along the way and to turn that piece of paper into reality. We would love to hear from you.


Handymen Services
Is a local Waikato Handyman Business offering exceptional service on all your house or business maintenance needs. No job too small! General Repairs of building damage, doors, floors and walls! Assembly & Installation of products and goods such as shelves, t.v brackets, machinery, raised gardens, fences, gates and more!
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Building Effects

Residential Building
This is a young new exciting business looking to make a great name for itself in the Waikato area. We pride ourselves on workmanship and reliability. Our number one goal is to make your dream come true within your budget. No job is too small - no job too big.

Aroha Enterprises Aotearoa ltd

Tree Services
Aroha Enterprises Aotearoa limited. We are a family driven business with a passion for caring for family, community and the environment. The work we are currently specialising in is wetlands restoration, riparian planting and pest animal control. Our vision is to be skilled carers for the environment and use our skills to empower others to uphold their role as guardians of the environment. Landscaping and small earthworks is what we love, to see an idea come to life is a feeling like no other.

absolutely trees

all tree care, removal.. stump grinding, chipping, mulch supply,,, etc.. landscaping, gully restoration etc.. you want, we can do..
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HP Builders Ltd

Residential Building
We are a small up and coming business who are professional and enthusiastic. HP Builders specialise in small residential building. Visit us on Facebook at 'HP Builders Limited' to see our recent work.

All Steel Buildings

Residential Building
I represent a leading NZ building cpmpany.

Call Brian

Kitchens & Bathrooms
We are a small building and maintenance company that enjoy working with clients to complete projects around their home.
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Not currently verified

Cando Constructions

Profile Image
Not currently verified
Kitchens & Bathrooms
Hi CanDo Constructions we are focused on renovating homes to the image you want. Our CanDo “Attitude “ is our difference we have a safe and secure CanDo team: Builder, Electrician, Plumber, Painter , Hard landscaper (Concrete) and a Project Manager . Our renovating team have the skills and experience to successfully renovate your home. We have the policies and procedures in place to assist with the designing of what you want, how and when you want your renovation completed. Give the C

Scrubs & Suds Ltd

Handymen Services
Scrubs & Suds Property Wash can bring your property back to life. Refresh your decks, driveways, paths, patios, in fact any exterior surface can be cleaned and serviced if required. Full house soft wash/chem wash available. Non chemical brushwash for villas and older buildings is available. We specialise in preparing property for sale and work on behalf of both owners and real estate agents. We have carried out work on some on NZs finest properties and on plenty of NZs more standard propert

Ground Source Limited

Windows & Doors
We provide high efficiency ground source heating and cooling solutions New Zealand wide through our installer/dealers. We are the NZ agents for WaterFurnace products. Ground Source systems are extremely well suited to commercial applications such as hotels, motels, schools, offices and factories, as well as domestic homes. We can provide a high efficiency eco-friendly ground source solution to meet any of your heating or cooling requirements.
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Reliable Pest Control in Matamata-Piako

Save time with efficient pest control services in Matamata-Piako. Say goodbye to pests with professional help. Free to use!

Maximising Comfort with Expert Pest Control

In the charming locale of Matamata-Piako, a healthy and clean home extends beyond mere appearances. Ensuring your home is pest-free plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable living environment. At Builderscrack, we have connected hundreds of homeowners with pest control experts who are equipped to handle everything from rodent infestations to insect invasions and bird complications. Quality pest control not only manages existing issues but also optimises your home’s defence against future problems.

Finding the Right Professional

Choosing the ideal pest control expert isn’t just about addressing your immediate pest concerns; it's also about ongoing prevention and peace of mind. Homeowners should verify that their pest control professional in Matamata-Piako is fully licensed and follows the national pest management standards. Each expert should have a blend of solid qualifications and exemplary customer service skills. Traits like clear communication and patient education are integral, ensuring homeowners understand the steps being taken to protect their homes.

Local Expertise Matters

Matamata-Piako harbours a variety of home styles, from Edwardian to Art Deco, each with its unique set of pest-related challenges. Pest control experts familiar with the local architectural nuances and the area's seasonal weather patterns will provide more effective solutions. For example, warmer months may bring a surge in mosquito and fly activity, necessitating more frequent treatments. A well-versed local professional can offer tailored recommendations and preventative measures aligned with Matamata-Piako’s environmental conditions.

Comprehensive Services

Pest management is more than mere extermination; it often begins with a detailed consultation. Assessing potential problem areas within your property allows a pest control expert to create a bespoke strategy that targets specific issues. Some professionals may specialise in certain types of pests such as rodents, insects or birds, offering a focussed approach to your problem. Additionally, post-treatment advice on sanitation practices and regular home maintenance forms an essential part of comprehensive pest management services.

The Role of Reviews and Ratings

When choosing a pest control service, understanding the experiences of other homeowners can significantly guide your decision. Builderscrack provides access to 250,000 authentic reviews and ratings, allowing you to make an informed choice. Evaluating the track record of various providers ensures that you enlist a professional capable of delivering both effective pest management and excellent customer service. It is always prudent to review feedback to discern the reliability and effectiveness of a pest control company.

Insurance and Certification

Finally, assurance in pest control also comes from ensuring that the service has appropriate insurance coverage. This provides a safety net, protecting you from any accidental damages during the treatment process. Additionally, certifications like the National Certificate in Pest Operations (Level 3) demonstrate that an expert is well-qualified to handle the intricacies of pest control. Keep in mind, continued professional development through workshops and seminars keeps these experts adept with the latest techniques and regulatory changes, ensuring a safe and effective service for your home.

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