Midwinter Home Renovation Checklist for HomeownersQueens Birthday weekend kicks off the official start to winter. You may be thinking there’s not a lot that can be done to your home during the winter months, but think again! Here’s your very own Midwinter Home Renovation Checklist, which you can use to work out what needs doing at your home.

Your midwinter home renovation checklist

Inside your home you can…

  • Organise quotes to check crawl spaces for water accumulation, which can cause dry-rot
  • Compare costs of installing or upgrading your security system against savings on home insurance premiums
  • Get quotes from designers or architects for spring and summer remodelling projects
  • Hire a professional tradesperson to clean or change filters in your home ventilation or heating systems
  • Get quotes for inside painting projects
  • Book carpet and furniture cleaning services

The great news about renovating inside is that you can do it whatever the weather! It is important to consider the temperature indoors though. Paint, plaster and glue take longer to dry in cooler areas. This can slow your renovation progress down significantly. On the plus side, you may be able to book a tradesperson quickly as they are often less busy during winter.

midwinter home renovation checklist

Outdoor inspiration

  • Find specialists on Builderscrack who can check your gutters and downspout for proper drainage, and that the roof is clear of debris
  • Apply moss-retardant on outside walking surfaces to stop falls due to slick surfaces
  • Hire an Arborist to trim overhanging branches and remove weak trees
  • Prune fruit trees, and transplant shrubs
  • Secure quotes for spring landscaping and driveway improvements

midwinter home renovation checklist

Once you’re done going through the Midwinter Home Renovation Checklist, write down any additional jobs you’ve discovered need doing, then go to Builderscrack and post a job or two today, to start securing trustworthy and reliable tradespeople at a great price. Don’t forget to check out our guide to the Top 5 Home Remodelling Trends for more ideas.