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    anthony bown

    Hi Alex
    This question really depends on what is possible with your existing glazing. We are often asked to double glaze but there are many variants to the cost. Cladding height internal finish and how we repair the house. Standard window door set for a house is about 20k and about another 10k for install and repair of works. Please remember that every job is specific to the house and the costs can vary wildly

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    Tracey Mackenzie

    Hi Frank

    I think this is to allow some air to circulate to help keep the wood dry as well as reducing any likelihood of fire hazards. If you have limited space I’d recommend you do your best to allow some kind of gap/area for air to circulate.

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    Tracey Mackenzie

    Hi Alex

    It’s best if you post a job on Builderscrack and ask for some prices. It really depends on the unique set of needs your home has. The savings in heating and warmth in your house are other factors to consider when comparing prices also.

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    frank, wellington

    Hi, can you please explain why the wood should be stacked 20-30 ft away from the house? We have limited space so it is stacked against the house … is it a fire risk?

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    How much do double glazed windows cost compared to normal windows?

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