Longer daylight hours and dryer, warmer weather makes Spring and Summer the best time of the year to tackle most renovation and maintenance jobs around the house. We discuss three projects that are cheaper during these months…

3 home renovation ideas for summer which save you money

Driveway Paving

If you have an asphalt driveway that’s covered with grass sprouting up through the cracks, summer is the ideal season to get it redone.  Asphalt is much easier to work with in warmer temperatures. This means you pay for less labour and have less chance of needing remedial work.

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If you are planning on gutting your kitchen completely and doing a remodel, you may be faced with eating in restaurants or takeaway bars until the job is done.  Since that can get expensive and isn’t always healthy, a great idea is to cook outdoors!  If you have a grill or barbeque, you’ve already got what you need to enjoy cooking your meals outdoors. Get inspired with these creative kitchen renovation ideas


Summer is a good time to upgrade your landscaping and home exterior. If you want to save time and money, consider native plants that don’t require a lot of water or fertilizer. Installing an automatic sprinkler system that is on a timer is another great idea.  Hire a landscape architect and make the most of outdoor living this summer!  Also, read our tips for hiring a gardener.

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