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    Chris Owen

    You would be surprised at how many homes I go to 3-6 months after they have been purchased that need serious electrical work with some still running the original wiring from the 30s. Even new homes that are almost on fire from poor workmanship and/or under rated cabling.

    Most experienced electricians will be able to help you avoid a lemon.

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    Stephen in Orlando

    Couldn’t agree with you more about being sure to get a qualified home inspector to sign off on a piece of property before closing a deal. I have heard some pretty unfortunate stories in my time where new home buyers got themselves into situations that took what should have been a fresh start and turned it into more of a nightmare.

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    Good tips. I had to spend $5,000 on getting an electrician to redo the wiring on a large part of my house three months after I bought it. I would have probably still bought the house if I had known, but I would have tried to negotiate the seller to pay the $5K. Would have been worth spending the $100 to get the wiring checked up front!

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