You want to renovate your home – so who do you call, a Draughtsman, Architect or Builder? We have a look at each of them does and how they can help you…

Picking between an architect, draughtsman and builder

An Architect will provide the buildings architectural design and also oversee the construction process. Often they’ll specialise in either commercial or domestic work.  Within that, they’ll usually have particular expertise in a certain type of building for period homes, eco-friendly buildings, conversions or extensions. Architects are highly qualified and have studied for several years.  They may also engage in ongoing professional development and get experience working with and for other Architects.  Over 90% of New Zealand Architects are registered with the NZIA.

Architects have had higher levels of education than building designers like draughtspeople.  In many cases an Architect will hire a draughtsman to work on the drawings. This leaves the Architect free to design the ‘big picture’ of ensuring the building works both functionally and aesthetically.

If it’s a smaller job you’re getting done like building a car port, it’s likely you won’t need an Architect but we recommend you check with your local council to find out what they require from you.

Architects will offer an extensive array of services above providing plans.  Some might be able to assist with budgeting for a project, applying for permits and resource consents, getting quotes for the work (they may even use Builderscrack for this) and they’ll also manage consultants like Surveyors to make sure that your plans suit the terrain and service locations of your home.  An Architect may offer a building report if you’re looking at purchasing a new property, or they might provide you a report on what to focus on for your next round of home renovations.

The services that Architects offer are really diverse, so it’s a good idea to post your job on Builderscrack detailing what you want done then let the Architects that offer the services you want come to you.

When would you use a builder?

If you want the ‘total package’ it might be worth posting a job for a Builder as often builders have Architects that they work closely with.

Remember to include your requirements for plans in the job description. This ensures you get a Builder that offers the full range of services you’re going to need.

  • When have a small job without too many design elements (for example, building a car port) start with a Draughtsman.
  • If you need plans drawn up, then it’s best to start with an Architect.
  • If you require a complete solution, choose between an Architect and a Builder, but remember to specify that you want design and building when you list your job on Builderscrack.

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