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    Hot Water Cylinders Online

    I agree with Andreas. And like you said in the post, it helps not only the home owner but the planet as well, so everyone wins. Great post!

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    Tracey Mackenzie

    Hi Andreas

    Thank you for your well thought out reply to our post 🙂 I hope our readers will gain some valuable insight from your comments.

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    Andreas Koenig

    Can somebody please bring this blog under the general public!

    ECO friendly is not really that expensive. If it means to take a couple of Dollars more on the mortgage
    to make the house a better home or keeping the appliances, health and household items longer alive. In fact: it is actually cheaper on the whole in the long run.
    Saving on the points mentioned above is never a good idea because something’s gotta go: be it the household items starting to rot, the health decline, the cost of water, gas or electricity rise disproportionately or being otherwise costly.
    As a certifying Plumber and Gas fitter I would always explain the pay-off of ECO to my customers and I would rather walk away from a potential job if the standard is not matching my ethics. But usually the customer is happy to improve their home rather than just fix an old rusty pipe that is long overdue to be replaced. Common sense is the way.

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