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    Hi there. We recommend using our job cost estimator to get an idea of the price or posting a job to receive a quote from a tradie in your area. (You can always cancel the job if you decide not to buy the house.)
    Cheers, BuildersCrack

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    I’m planning on buying a house that has the master bedroom in the attic, there is a toilet on the floor (just toilet and sink in a weird location) but in the master, there is a 2.4×1.6 m empty space with a window which I was thinking on turning it into an ensuite (if we buy the house), can you give me an estimate on the cost?

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    Hi there. In these cases we recommend you speak directly to Auckland Council. They have a phone line and an email contact form on this page. If you’re not comfortable directly approaching the council, we suggest posting this as a job for a builder on our site. You can then work with a professional to get the outcome you want. Cheers, Builderscrack.

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    I’m planning to purchase a house which has an En-suite without council permission in Auckland. What should be the process to get it approved with council. What are the chances to reject the permission for any en-suite?
    Please guide me.

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