Architects and draughtsmen

Architects are tradespeople who are trained in the planning, design and oversight of the construction of buildings.  This involves pre-design services, programming, planning, providing designs, drawings, specifications and other technical submissions, the administration of construction contracts and the co-ordination of any elements of technical submissions prepared by others (including engineers) and technical designers.

A good architect is one who actually listens to you when you are telling them what you want and need in your new home. The ability to listen is your architects most important skill, so when you’re interviewing potential architects, make sure you hire one who has mastered the art of listening and can design a home that’s unique to you.  Don’t just assume your architect is hearing you and understanding what you want, ask them to explain the project to you until you’re sure that you both understand what’s being proposed.  If you are a couple with different ideas of what you want in a home, a good architect will help you find common ground to create a home you will both love.

Architects may specialise in different consultancies including:

  • Building code
  • Sustainable design
  • Historic preservation
  • Accessibility

Draughtsmen are tradespeople who is are skilled in technical drawing, able to draw complex instructions precisely and accurately and arrange information in an organized way. Drafting includes any task that utilizes graphics to convey instructions to another person. Commonly this is associated with the making of plans for structures or mechanical devices before they are built.

Draughtsmen may specialise in civil, structural, architectural, plumbing, cartography, electrical, thermodynamics, mechanical, hydraulics, telecommunications, materials, aerodynamics and archaeology.

Tools may include; drawing pencils, templates, rulers, tape and drawing equipment.

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