Hire a licensed building practitioner

When starting home renovations or maintenance, decide whether you need to hire a Licensed Building Practitioner to carry out restricted building work (RBW).  We’ve some easy to follow guidelines here but we also recommend that you check the LBP website.

How to hire a licensed building practitioner

As the homeowner, you must make certain that the people you hire are licensed to do the work.  First of all, you must verify they hold a valid license. Don’t take their word for it.  Ask to see their photo ID and check their details against the public register.

Check their license class; license status; status reason and suspension history.  If there is a suspension history, check the suspension end date to ensure the license is current. By law, a non-licensed person can’t carry out or supervise restricted building work unless they’re supervised by a LBP.

It’s worthwhile noting that LBPs should only undertake work that they are confident doing. A LBP licensed in Carpentry may be permitted to work on any category building (the degree of difficulty measured in category 1, 2 or 3). But they might only have the confidence or experience in category 1 and that is where they should confine their work. It is up to the LBP to make sure he or she has sufficient skills and knowledge.

Hiring good professionals to help you can be crucial to the whole building experience. Licensed building practitioners (LBPs) have undergone a robust application process, including a written application, verbal testing by proficient assessors, and referees’ confirmation of their work. They keep up with the changing industry and undergo continuous skills maintenance.

As well as verifying their credentials, it’s important to check their online reviews. Furthermore, you should contact previous customers for feedback.

Finally, for the most up to date information and legislation, visit the LPB website. It is full of helpful up to date information and a great resource for any homeowner considering renovations on their property.