Keep an eye on your profile page and reviews, they can mean more business for you. 

This month we got a chance to have a quick chat with a local tradie to find out how Builderscrack has helped his painting and decorating business.

With 38 jobs under his belt in just over a year and a half, John Quaid owner of JJ Painters and Decorators is a good example of leveraging the Builderscrack platform to it’s best advantage. It’s helped him keep business rolling in, even in the post EQC repairs landscape that Christchurch has found itself in.

He found out about Builderscrack through a friend that suggested he start using it. On this advice he decided to give it go, although he had no real expectations. But in the short time since joining, he has been happily surprised by the amount of work it’s brought in, without any huge investment on his part.  

One glance at his profile page and we can easily see the key to his success; keeping his review scores high and written reviews positive.

The insight we gleaned from our chat with John is that keeping reviews and scores high is critical for winning more jobs. A tradies profile page is the first place homeowners look at for information on them and their business, and prospective clients look here even if they’re not using the builderscrack site. Many tradies profile pages show up before a businesses website or facebook page in a google search. 

What homeowners are checking out about you:

  • How easy you are to work with
  • Reliability & trustworthiness
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Skill level & workmanship
  • Costing & accurate quoting
  • Total jobs
  • Good communication
  • Keep to schedule

Maintaining high scores and top reviews can be as easy as asking the homeowner to review your work. Most are more than happy to, especially when they have had a good experience and outcome.


Take away: Follow up all Builderscrack jobs to make sure homeowners place a review and score.