When you’re a tradie who has a dependable pipeline of work – perhaps through relationships with other tradies or through strong word of mouth customer referrals, there is value in keeping your Builderscrack account primed and ready for those quieter patches of work. We’ve compiled some of our key strategies for keeping your account current and ensuring you’re best positioned to gain new work through Builderscrack when you have quieter patches or gaps in your pipeline of work.

Branding your business profile

Does your Builderscrack profile reflect how you want your brand to come across? This doesn’t have to be a daunting task and with a few simple tweaks, you can more accurately convey to homeowners your areas of expertise and what you’re like to work with. Here are a few things to consider.

Are you chasing a wide variety of jobs? If so, consider how this comes across to homeowners.

We often receive feedback from homeowners asking why a business that appears to be in a trade unrelated to their job post is chasing their job – for example, if a plumber chases a landscaping job. This can give the homeowner the impression that the tradie isn’t skilled in either area and is just chasing their job to fill a gap, rather than because they have the skills and experience required.

Review your business description

If you’re a business that works across many trades, such as property maintenance then make sure this is clear in your business description.

This business description conveys this to homeowners successfully;

At Elements Maintenance we have tradespeople that can complete jobs in;

  • Joinery, carpentry, kitset assembly and installation
  • Small to medium sized building work (including work required for Council inspection)
  • Residential plastering and painting
  • Residential plumbing

When we have a customer whose job requires several trades, we have our qualified team ready to tackle the task. We’ve been servicing customers in the Canterbury region for over 10 years and take pride in achieving excellent results that keep our customers coming back.

Subscribe to complimentary trades

Consider subscribing to trades which work together as a ‘family’ of trades, such as landscaping, footpaths and gardening. The combination of trades needs to make sense to a homeowner when they review your profile.

Keep the details of your account current

  • Do you have a professional photo uploaded? Tradies with professional profile pictures are more likely to be granted contact. Check out our tips on taking a professional photo here.
  • Keep your trade and location areas up to date.

Keep your reviews current

One of the best ways to keep your account in top shape is to ensure you’re putting through a Builderscrack job at least every few months – this tells us that you’re still interested in receiving job leads and provides homeowners with current reviews which portray what you’re like to work with now. Homeowners want to be reading reviews from the past few months rather than reviews you received a year ago.

Consider the work you’re chasing

When you’re looking for opportunities that will help you keep your account up to date and ensure a pipeline of work for quieter times, rather than needing to fill a whole schedule there’s a few things to keep in mind.

  • Smaller jobs (despite the lower value) can be a simple way to keep your account fresh, get new reviews and plug gaps in your schedule when you’re quiet.
  • Chasing occasional larger jobs is a great way to pipeline future projects outside of your usual channels, bring in more revenue and build a profile which demonstrates to homeowners that you’re highly skilled in a range of tasks.

What’s your communication style?

Our homeowners can also review on communication, so ensuring your communication style is professional and timely is important to building strong communications reviews.

Check out our tips for faster, more effective communications here.

Have you thought of scaling your business?

Chase job leads

When you need to dial up your workload and fill up your schedule, subscribe to Builderscrack.

Showcase your work

Builderscrack subscribers can really build a strong profile by uploading a gallery of before and after job photos. With up to the ability to upload up to 250 job photos, you can build this into your process and capture the work which you feel really demonstrates what you’re capable of achieving.

Impress your next client

There’s quite a bit that can be done to keep your account current so that in quieter times, you’re ready to jump straight back in and chase Builderscrack jobs.

The key is to keep maintaining your TradeRank and you can do this by dipping into Builderscrack from time to time to review your profile details. This way you’ll be keeping us up to date so we know you’re still keen on seeing job leads and that we’ve got your details correct, and you’ll be maintaining reviews which are current and fresh for homeowners to read.