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Exhale Contractors Ltd, (Painting and Decorating)

We know there’s plenty of options out there so, we thank you for considering us! How do you know which Contractor is the right fit for your project? This is the issue we all must deal with whether it’s having your car fixed or you're having your Hair, cut and styled? If we are on this site then your assuming we can paint. There’s no point in going on about the technical stuff and how amazing we are at putting paint on your walls. But in case you are wondering, The answer to that is were told were second to none when it comes to providing an exceptional experience and result for our clientele. So, how do you choose? before you talk to any contractors you should be asking yourself two questions, how much do I want to spend? And what result do I expect? In other words what dos the finished product looks like in your mind? Sounds easy, but if you don’t have what you expect clear in your mind then any old contractor will do. Is it just about the price? or are you looking for value for your money? If you pay $40 dollars for a style and cut a $40 haircut is what you shall have. Now, if that’s your expectation then your outcome will be as you imagined and the result you’re a content customer. We here to help you answer that million-dollar question. We provide a 100% Free phone call service with access to a professional consultation process. whether you choose us or not I invite you to give us a call, we can then have an open and honest conversation about your project and discuss how best we can help and assist you with this project.
Exhale and relax we've got this!.

About the owner;
Wade is from the old school with over 22 years in the painting industry he engaged in his apprenticeship in 1998 and has painted about everything that can be painted from Designer homes to the marine industry and the aviation arena and on Larg ming operations overseas and off cores the humble family home. Wade still dos the nearly lost art of on-site eye colour matching for his customers on those tricky projects. He has several years’ experience as a site supervisor and key account manager in the painting arena that he has transferred into Exhale Contractors Ltd. When required Wades has left the paintbrush behind to focus on his passion to bring an experience to the customer rather than just a job and his handpicked teams focus is to get on producing a second to non-product for their client.

What we do Painting & Decorating
Areas served North Shore, Rodney
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