what do Surveyors & Engineers do?

A construction surveyor inspects and measures land parcels that are being considered for building projects.  They’ll gather information on all of the land characteristics, including boundaries, elevation, size and curves of the plot. This is used by other interested parties to decide on the best use of the land.

Surveyors & Engineers

A construction surveyor or engineer will work in a range of environments surveying projects that include residential developments, commercial buildings, malls, highways and even airports. They may work for a private company or for a local body authority.

They are often required to produce plats, which are maps defining property boundaries and describing geographic features. Analysis and planning sessions will include homeowners, survey staff, construction crew and other interested parties.

When hiring a construction surveyor or engineer, you can expect they will use a range of instruments, some of which are unique to their profession.  Specialised survey instruments include ones to measure angles and altitude which are called altimeters and theodolites. Property is often marked with rods and stakes to denote boundaries or points to start building

Accurately assessing the characteristics and boundaries of a piece of land isn’t always easy. Old documents and drawings may be needed to determine where legal boundaries lie. Surveyors may use electronic devices, computer software and GPS to help in their analysis of land plots.

Once plans are complete, the surveyor will continue to work with the builder, confirming details regarding elevation and points for construction to start prior to groundbreaking. If a builder has queries about boundaries or altitude the surveyor or engineer will be able to provide answers.

The services offered by Surveyors and Engineers include:

  • Boundary surveys
  • Planning