Resource Management Consultants

Resource Management consultants are tradespeople who specialise in getting the most out of a homeowner’s land and home.

Resource Management Consultants

They seek to maximize the utility (efficiency and effectiveness) of every resource and to consider what additional resources would improve the capabilities.

In essence, the resource manager improves the homes functionality by making the most out of available resources.

Resource managers will be able to assist with resource consent applications, assess the effects on the environment, and project planning and management. They will be able to undertake environmental planning and work with councils on behalf of homeowners on difficult cases, providing advice on development potential and future prospects for your land.

Resource Management Consultants may provide the following services:

  • full residential subdivision design
  • consent
  • project management
  • rural subdivisions
  • commercial consents (motels, schools, factories etc)
  • comprehensive housing developments
  • water permits
  • discharge consents
  • gravel extractions
  • submissions to District Plan variations
  • submissions to Annual Plans

The Resource Management Act (RMA) is permissible legislation with the Regional and District Plans setting out what you are to undertake on your property without the need for a consent – plus setting the different levels of consent (controlled, discretionary etc) that would be required for differing activities (subdivision, buildings, uses/activities etc).

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