Pet Friendly Home ImportantShould you have a pet friendly home? Yes! Our homes are a place we can relax away from the daily grind of life with our family and friends. More often than not, we’re sharing our homes with cats, dogs, birds and more! Here’s some simple pet friendly home ideas to keep your home looking beautiful and your pets feeling happy and secure.

Pet friendly home ideas

Spring for a doggie/cat door

Spend the money on a nice-looking airtight one, and you’ll save you and your pet a lot of time and worry. Hire a handyman or builder to advise you on the best options for your home.

pet friendly home ideasSkip the carpet

Even if your dog is toilet trained, your rug will collect dirt, hair and bacteria. That’s why a pet friendly home is better off with hard flooring.

Hire a professional to replace your old carpet with new easy-to-clean vinyl, stone, tile or hardwood flooring.

If you’ve got a dog, keep their nails trimmed to minimise floor (and furniture) scratches.

Pick satin paint

Drooling or a shake after rain will stain walls painted with flat paint so hire a painter to repaint your walls with a lovely satin paint and stains from doggy drool on your walls will be a thing of the past.

pet friendly home ideasFeed smart

After you’ve tripped over the dog food bowls a few times, you’ll realise the wisdom of a built-in feeding system.

Many cabinet makers now offer the option.

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