Check out these luxury bedroom lightingWhether your luxury bedroom is a small cosy space or a grand suite, it’s probably used for more than just sleeping. While dark bedrooms are perfect for sleep, too little light can hinder other activities.  With plenty of luxury bedroom lighting ideas available, let us help you choose the right  professional tradespeople, lighting specialists and electricians to bring your ideas to life!

Narrowing down your luxury bedroom lighting ideas

Location, location, location

Don’t install lights directly over the bed as you will find yourself looking up at them while you are in bed. Direct light from overhead can be uncomfortable compared to soft light at face level. When undertaking any electrical work it’s important that you hire a professional electrician and check they are registered and qualified.

Size and scale

luxury bedroom lighting ideas

Before you go out and buy lamps or invest in other luxury bedroom lighting ideas, think about the size of your room.

If you are unsure of what will work best in your luxury bedroom, then consult an expert (an electrician, interior designer or specialist lighting company) who will help you select the right lighting bedroom lighting ideas and solutions.

It’s a good idea to avoid fixtures with longer bodies, instead selecting shorter or flush-mounted fixtures.

You’ll need lighting that is at a suitable level for reading and dressing. It also needs to be high enough to reach all areas of the luxury bedroom.

Lighting for a purpose

Decide what you want to do in the room, decide if extra power points are needed and then select the best lighting options. Computers, reading nooks or craft machines in the bedroom all need directed lighting while sitting areas are best with softer, shaded fixtures. Vanities and dressing tables demand brighter light.

Lamps and bedside reading

luxury bedroom lighting ideas

Opaque shades on lamps and lights can make your luxury bedroom too dark. While they may look nice, the lighting won’t be as functional. Take some time seeing how lamps are turned on and off. This makes sure it isn’t too difficult to access your lighting when you are in bed. If you are purchasing any second-hand lamps have them safety tested by a registered electrician.

Portable reading lights on your bedside table offer a lot of flexibility.  They should have a swivel arm and be shielded so you can’t see the bulb, and are able to read without disturbing anyone else.

Setting the mood

A strong sense of ambience is important in the luxury bedroom; installing dimmers can alter the effect of your lighting as can softer coloured bulbs.

Control power

luxury bedroom lighting ideasWith all the lighting control options available today, it’s as simple as pushing a bedside or headboard button to turn the lights off or on.

There are also gadgets available to control your luxury bedroom lighting with an infrared remote!