Appliance Technicians - what do they do?

An appliance technician is a tradesperson who is installs, maintains and repairs appliances, parts and systems.  Technicians will have a general and wide rage of knowledge about appliance repair and be able to work on different types of machines and fixtures.

Some appliance technicians may specialise in a particular range of expertise, such as plumbing and electrical, or in the type of appliance the service, for example, ovens and fridges.

An appliance technician may be self-employed, work for a repair shop or contract to a retail store.

A technician may need to take an appliance apart to diagnose the problem before providing any parts and completing repairs. Then they will put it back together.  This work may be done in your home or in their workshop.

Performing maintenance on small appliances such as microwaves and vacuum cleaners is one of the tasks a technician may perform. This kind of work is often done in a repair store. Some jobs will only need simple repairs, like changing a belt on a vacuum cleaner while others might need further investigating to find and fix a fault.

Larger appliances require routine maintenance by trained appliance technicians. They may also install or fix washers, dryers, ovens and dishwashers. Technicians may also need to do repairs on damaged electrical systems or gas ranges.

Appliance technicians should have an understanding of electricity and physics to stop accidents while doing repair work. Appliance technicians may receive special training to work on refrigerators and freezers, learning about the proper handling and disposal of dangerous refrigerants.

An appliance technician will use many tools including:

  • Cutters
  • Strippers
  • Scissors
  • Blades
  • Crimp tools
  • Modular plugs
  • Adaptors

Appliance TechnicianAppliance technicians service a range of brands including; Fisher and Paykel, Sunbeam, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Delonghi, Breville, Sharp, Kenwood & Whirlpool. A professional technician will be able to service dishwashers, fridges, freezers, ovens, microwaves, washing machines and dryers.

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