Antenna Installers what do they doAn antenna installer is a tradesperson who specialises in antenna installation. The installation procedure is often based on a number of factors; reception quality for the area, house construction, type of antenna and mounting and number of outlets required.

Antennae are generally mounted as high as possible in primary reception areas with few obstructions.

In New Zealand, it may be necessary for an antenna installer to point two or three antennas in different directions in order to receive signals for all channels.

A channel is the frequency on which a program is transmitted. There are high and low bands each for a different VHF channels. The same program is transmitted on differing channels nationwide to avoid any interference.

Key terminology used by an antenna installer includes:

  • Diplexer – Combines the signals from both VHF and UHF antennas into one cable to connect to the wall plate or television.
  • Amplifiers – Used to boost the signal to ensure that an adequate signal is fed to each TV.
  • Dipole – The fundamental form of aerial.
  • Matching – An antenna must be matched into the load.
  • Gain – The improvement in signal level in decibels given by a particular antenna, compared to a standard reference antenna.
  • Front to back ratio – The ratio of signal strength picked up by the front of the antenna compared to the signal picked up by the rear.
  • Reflector – An element slightly longer than half a wavelength spaced at a small distance behind the dipole to improve front-to-back ratio.
  • Ghosts – When a signal is reflected from an obstruction such as a building and arrives later than the direct signal causing multiple images or ghosts to appear on the TV screen.
  • Splitter – A device for feeding two or more receivers from one antenna cable.

Tools commonly used in antenna installation include; Coaxial cable strippers, Coax cable, crimpers, Coax cable insertion tools, Site survey tools, Satellite Dish Alignment Tools.

With the switch from analog to Digital TV, you may need to get a Freeview antenna installed, so hire an antenna installer today.