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Get leads, chase and manage jobs in real-time, on the go!

Download the Builderscrack app and make chasing new leads and managing jobs on the go easy!

App features that’ll help scale your business

Streamline productivity and instantly access new job leads while staying connected with clients in real-time, all in one place — never miss a job lead or message.

Instant alerts

Create more opportunities by never missing new leads. Tradies get push notifications for every job that’s sent.

Chase jobs

Chase the jobs you want as soon as you get them. Build your pipeline of work effortlessly throughout the day.

Manage jobs

Take action on jobs at all stages: chased, active and contact granted. Win work by claiming successful jobs. Drop jobs as needed.

Message directly

Keep homeowners informed with the latest developments of their job. Access up-to-date client message history.

"Builderscrack is the ideal way to connect clients with tradies. I would recommend downloading the app today!"

Simon, Plastering tradesman.

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