Urgent! Need a tradesperson ASAP
Posted 5 years ago

Need to remove some live and dead trees as well as clearing out wandering jew from 1374 block of land (House size is 174m2)

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“We were reasonably happy with the way Jay handled things. Two teams came out. The first day three Treeloppers turned up and removed a number of trees. We expected them to come out all day, however, at 3.30pm they dropped tools and left. I told them I expected them there all day but they said they had other things to do. The remaining trees to remove were dead and some had fallen. The head guy assured us that the gardeners remove those trees and not them. However, a few days later when the two Gardeners turned up, they told us they don't remove any trees, only small shrubs and juvenile trees. They would not even remove dead pungas. I felt the first guys were slack on this point. We had asked the first guys to retain two 3 or 4 foot logs at the front, which they did, but the next day I noticed two very large logs left in the back which were meant to be chipped and the wood chips put on the front part of the section. The also bogged their truck on the front which had just had a new retaining wall and scoria put down, stuffing up the scoria and leaving a mud bath. Hence, AVERAGE result. I must say, the second team (Gardeners) were fantastic... good hard workers. I would have given them an EXCELLENT result. So, I have gone in the middle with an AVERAGE result. Jay said he would make up for the logs at the back which were not chipped by dropping of free wood chip which we appreciated. Would we use Treefrogs again? Yes, but I would ask for the second team.”

Reply: “thanks for the work dutch”

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