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A difficult tenant is moving out 3 April, one of the reasons is that place not being looked after as it should have been. House is in Burnside Suburb. I live in the North Island, but I will be down there on third of April and intend to get house all sorted and rented out again within 4 or 5 days, so looking for someone to clean well a 4 bedroom house, two lounges, two bathrooms, no furniture, two car garage (and probably need oven clean, but havent seen it yet), I will have organised someone else to clean the carpets, carpet wont need to be vacuumed as I will have done that, and I might even bring some stuff to do some cleaning if need be. Important that it can be done 4 or 5th, but 4th be better. I am looking for a fair quote for a good job, not keen on big national companies or franchises, obviously time is of the essence. expectation of cost the job below I havent bothered to fill in. although note, my wife works for a cleaning company where we live, so I am fully aware of what a fair price is and fully aware that not all cleaners are good, so I am looking for a fair price and job well done. Paid immediately at the end of the job. happy to answer any more questions

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