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New 230m2 build on clifftop section

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Hi, we have a concept which we would like to develop and build and are in the process of choosing the right builder for the project. We can send you the concept once we establish communication. Our main criteria includes: - Examples of previous builds demonstrating quality of build - Reasonable rate per square meter Previously, QS's have indicated very roughly, $3,100 to $4,500 including GST per square meter for the build (excluding foundations and groundwork). We'd like to point out some things which may be visible in the concept, but highlighting anyway for ease of providing a quote: - The land is in a seaspray zone - Unique roof shapes (due to only non-structural, visual elements) - several skylights - elevator - pool (can compromise on size - it's more for the aesthetics than usage) - large glass panels and joinery (possibly architectural) - possibly a membrane roof (open to alternatives with a plain finish) - full height floor to ceiling cavity sliding doors throughout the house

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