Builderscrack is risk free – we only invoice when you secure work.

Note: This pricing applies to users who signed up on or after 22 Oct 2021. If you have a trade account, please log in and revisit this page to check your current pricing.

We only charge a success fee when you've secured work from leads through Builderscrack. This allows you to get out there and pitch for work with no money down with zero risk! We also provide flexible invoicing terms to help align payment with when the job starts.

Basic Unlimited
Get started easily
Simple sign up process
Chase leads
Free to communicate with Homeowners
Secure and undertake work
Leads and Jobs
Jobs in communication at any one time Unlimited Unlimited
Lead chases per week 5 Unlimited
Success fees
Success fee Tiered success fee Tiered success fee
with 20% discount
Flexible invoicing terms
Invoice due on job start (upto a max of 60 days) Yes Yes
Monthly Price Free! $59
($141 quarterly)

Tiered success fee

We only charge you a fee when you secure work. Our fee is based on total job value but as the job value increases our percentage fee decreases.

Job value Tier fee
Component of job value up to $2,500 7.5%
Component of job value $2,500 – $10,000 4.5%
Component of job value $10,000 – $50,000 1.5%

The minimum fee we charge for any job is $10. You can calculate your fee with our handy calculator:

Calculate success fee

  1. All service fees listed above are in New Zealand dollars and are exclusive of GST.
  2. The total job cost is the cost of the invoice issued to the homeowner including GST (if any).
  3. For recurring jobs, unless specified, the job cost is calculated over 9 weeks.
  4. Our fees are a marketing expense. It is against our T&C's to itemise these in your invoices. Read how to account for Builderscrack fees.

A typical job through the Builderscrack process

This simple timeline follows a typical job as it goes through our process, and the points where our fees are applied. We have built in a lot of flexibility to ensure our process works well for all jobs, big and small across the 374 trades we cater to.

Job Posted

The homeowner posts the job on Builderscrack.

Tradesperson chases

The tradesperson pitches for the job if it suits.

Tradesperson quotes

The tradesperson visits the site, quotes, or simply says they'll do it.

Job secured

The homeowner awards, or the tradesperson claims the job (as soon as job price is known and provided, success fee is applied)

Job done!

The job is undertaken and feedback is given.

Where the tradesperson can demonstrate that payment was not received from the homeowner due to no fault on their part – or the job simply didn't proceed, Builderscrack will credit your account with any success fee already paid for that job.