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Job #281603

Replacement fences (posted 19 June)

General Fencing — Waitakere

41m fence adjoining stream and 12m fence adjoining neighbour damaged during storms. Need replacing , also the 12m fence is made up of asbestos materials. Had insurance quote and an independent quote. However there is a big discrepancy in costs ( insurance…

Job #281600

Repair roof tile (posted 19 June)

Repair Tile Roof — Tauranga

Replace concrete tile. Tile has a crack and is not weather proof now

Job #281597

Kapiti Primary School (posted 19 June)

Concrete Repair — Kapiti Coast

Kapiti Primary School is looking for a concrete repairer to fix or replace a raised slab approximately 3m x 4m. Possibly lifted due to tree roots.

Job #281596

Panmure Garden (posted 19 June)

Paving & Stonework — Auckland

Paving stones to be laid... approx 40 Sq Mts

Job #281595

Cleaning house (posted 19 June)

Home Cleaning — Wellington

Needed urgently someone to clean a home in preparation for the return of owner from the hospital after open heart surgery. Small, 3 bedrooms in Karori, Wellington. Rather a mess as the family have been at the hospital for 2 weeks supporting the patient and…

Job #281593

Tree removal/cutting (posted 19 June)

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding — Auckland

Two trees needing to be cut down (approx 5m tall). Not too sure what the trees are.

Job #281592

Dirt B Gone (posted 19 June)

Soil Removal — Waitakere

I have approx 2 m2 of soil to be removed. It was placed at top of drive for us to use for fill but have too much so want rest gone as straining our fence. Easy access, no rubble, just soil, clay and some small rocks used as drainage.

Job #281591

Tomahawk road side of house (posted 19 June)

General Building — Dunedin

Would like the side of my house replaced with something similar to existing

Job #281590

Tomahawk road (posted 19 June)

Bathroom Renovation — Dunedin

Shower cubicle or walls replaced

Job #281589

Minor Guttering Job x2 (posted 19 June)

Spouting / Guttering — Waitakere

Small amount of guttering to be remediated, looks like it does not extend far enough in two places, main one at ground level, other one on second storey. Heavy rain causes major dampness on one side of property as it just flows to the ground (both on same…

Job #281588

Rewiring old house (posted 19 June)

Rewiring — Hutt Valley

We needs a licenced electrician to determine how much old wiring is remaining in the house and what the cost of upgrading this would be.

Job #281585

Andrea (posted 19 June)

General Fencing — Waitakere

I am looking for help with reinforce, supplying and install dog run fencing to my existing kennel, and reinforcing existing fencing and raising the height to ensure the dog is contained in the yard when out of the dog run. Also have a couple of other odd…

Job #281583

Fence/Gate (posted 19 June)

General Fencing — Papakura

Hi there, I need to have fence/gate put in for the front of my house. I am on a cross lease property but there are separate driveways. There is currently existing fencing as per the pictures but unfortunately there is a small gap on the left hand side…

Job #281587

Resize curtains (posted 19 June)

Curtain Repair — Hastings

Need a jumbo set of curtains remade to fit window correctly and also make extra set if curtains out of each jumbo curtain

Job #281582

Cavity Slider (posted 19 June)

Sliding Doors — Christchurch

Have a cavity slider where one of the rollers moves where inserted into the door causing it to not slide, looks like the rollers need to be replaced and possibly the door?

Job #281584

Exterior house painting (posted 19 June)

Exterior Painting — Hutt Valley

the house I have made a conditional offer on is 90 square meters. I would like a quote to get an idea of the cost to paint the full exterior as the paint as started to breakdown and come cracks and gaps between shiplap weatherboards have been noted which need…

Job #281579

Full fencing, and door (posted 19 June)

General Fencing — Rodney

Hi. We have a property in Arkles bay. We want to fully fence this property. the front end (road side) is 20 meter, which we want a fencing with Schist layer on top of it, with an automatic sliding door. the two sides; we want wooden fence. There is…

Job #281581

Roof leak (posted 19 June)

Repair Tin & Coloursteel — North Shore

We appear to have a small leak in our roof, and as going away soon are you able to look for us please?

Job #281580

Wobbly Steps (posted 19 June)

Concrete Cutting — Rotorua

Not sure I have picked correct category: Looking for someone to do small job of securely fixing outside wooden entrance stairs to concrete using "L" bracket. Will require someone to drill into concrete to attach freestanding posts securely. With the correct…

Job #281578

Millwater -Fence (posted 19 June)

General Fencing — Rodney

We are looking to have a modern white picket fence made in front of our property.

Job #281508

24 Higgs Road - Enabling Works (posted 19 June)

Land Surveyor — Auckland

I m looking for a civil works contractor to carry out enabling works for a 4-lot subdivision. The work required include: Excavation, retaining walls, installation of new stormwater lines, installation of a stormwater retention tank, installation of a new…

Job #281577

Roofing repair versus replacement (posted 19 June)

General Roofing — Hutt Valley

The house I am in the process of purchasing has a roof of concrete tiles which require replacement, re-seating and re-pointing of hips and ridges. Tiles have been dislodged creating an opening on the gable and exterior wall. The flashing also requires…

Job #281576

Retro glass panes (posted 19 June)

Timber Windows — Hastings

Need 2 panes of 70s-80s style glass replaced in an external back door

Job #281572

Formworks LED Lighting Installation (posted 19 June)

Electrical Renovations — Auckland

Installation of LED profile lighting, already sourced including mounting kits and purchased from Brightlight, onsite ready to be installed (installation sheets included in photos). Removal / replacement of the existing lighting that is already there. The…

Job #281574

2A Brentwood Street, Trentham (Sitarama) (posted 19 June)

Stove / Oven — Hutt Valley

Hi I am looking for quote for installing 45 Kg LPG gas hob bottled connection. Just want to check is it possible to be done in the first week of July.