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Finding the right jobs to fill your pipeline can be time-consuming and stressful. But with Builderscrack, a new job is posted every five minutes.

That’s why having your job leads on the right settings can help ensure you get access to the most relevant jobs for your business, depending on your workload and preferences.

We’ll take you through what you can do and why it’s important to fine-tune your leads settings.

  • Receive the leads you want by specifying trades and locations

  • Builderscrack vs. other lead generation

  • Why you should fine-tune your lead settings

Receive the leads you want

When signing up to Builderscrack, you would have chosen one or more trade categories and specified the locations that you service.

Based on your selection, our smart matching process will send you job leads that match your specifications.

You can fine-tune your job leads any time by:

Builderscrack vs. other lead generation

Other lead generation Builderscrack
Random enquiries Targeted leads
Broad locations Specified locations
General trades Specified trades
Active searching Delivered to you

Why should you fine-tune your lead settings?

  • Ensures that you get the most suitable leads for your business.

  • Improves our ability to match you with the right type of work and location.

  • Enhances the client’s experience by receiving interest from relevant tradies.

  • Gives you the control to manage your capacity and work pipeline.

  • Allows you to focus on the work you love doing.

Step 4: How chases work

This is your opportunity to select work that aligns with your interests, fits your schedule, and meets your capacity.