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eviews are a powerful tool to help build and maintain trust with your clients, and attract more clients down the line.

Our review system offers a window into the experiences of previous clients, providing valuable insights that help establish confidence in your services.

As a cornerstone of Builderscrack, reviews are visible to anyone who is looking to source a tradesperson for their job, so let’s get into:

  • How reviews work

  • How to make the most of reviews

  • What’s in it for you

  • What’s in it for the client

How do reviews work?

A client can leave a review at two stages:

For example, if a client decides to put the job on hold, but you demonstrated a willingness to solve the client’s problem, the client can leave a communications review sharing how impressed they were with you and your business.

If you win a job and the work has been marked as complete, the client can leave a workmanship review based on a set criteria.

How can you make the most of reviews?

We do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to requesting reviews from your clients once the job is completed by sending them email notifications.

However, there’s additional steps you can take to make the most of the review process.

  • When you’re finishing up the job, check in to see if they have any feedback. Address any issues, then politely ask the client to leave you a review on BC.

  • Reviews go through a 7 day review process, so you have the opportunity to reach out to the client if you would like to discuss any of their feedback.

  • You will have the opportunity to leave a public response to the review. Being polite and professional will demonstrate care and appreciation to future clients.

What’s in it for you?

  • Credibility: When potential clients see that others have had positive experiences, they are more likely to trust your business.

  • Transparency: Reviews showcase your business’s strengths and weaknesses. This transparency builds trust by demonstrating honesty and openness.

  • Social proof: Social proof reassures potential clients that others have benefited from your service.

  • Feedback loop: A willingness to listen to feedback and make necessary changes demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction, further fostering trust.

What’s in it for them?

  • Quality assurance: Provides insight into the quality of your workmanship, which helps potential clients gauge whether you’re the right fit for their project.

  • Comparative analysis: Clients can compare businesses based on reviews, helping them choose the one that best suits their requirements.

  • Risk mitigation: Transparent reviews provide essential information for consideration before making a decision.

  • User experience: Helps clients anticipate what to expect and how to make the most of their experience with you.

Step 9: Win more work

Keeping your profile in shape and building relationships with clients helps will help you to build a full pipeline year-round.