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Whatever your skills or experience, first impressions matter. We live in a fast-paced world, where people make quick decisions. 

You need to establish trust and fast. Your profile is the first thing a potential client sees when you chase a job lead – so this is your opportunity to make a great first impression. We’ll take you through the following tips to help you customise your profile and stand out from the crowd.

  • How to stand out on Builderscrack

  • Editing your profile

  • Choosing the right profile picture

  • Writing a winning ‘Business description’

  • Adding before and after shots of your work

How to stand out on Builderscrack

Tradies that have success on our platform often have an attention-grabbing profile that helps them win work. Think of your profile as your digital business card, which has all of the information potential clients want to know. Here’s a quick video to run you through the top three features.

Choose the right profile picture

There’s no better way to build trust than with a friendly, approachable photo.

Customers are looking for a real person to do their job – a logo is important and professional, but, if it’s possible, add a friendly face to establish a human connection. It’s important your customers recognise you when you arrive at their home. You should look professional and be wearing your uniform or your work gear.

Add photos to your showcase

Your showcase is one of the first things clients will look through on your Profile. It’s the fastest and most effective way to communicate who you are and what your business is about. Don’t be afraid to make this fun and engaging – add some photos of your team in action or some photos with happy clients.

Add projects with photos and descriptions

Tradies that have success on our platform build out their projects to tell a visual story. It’s a great way to demonstrate the quality of your work and clients love a good ‘before and after’ gallery.

  • Photos: Try to get good lighting, consistent angles and tell a story with before and after shots.

  • Project title: Keep it short and to the point by highlighting the space and type of improvement.

  • Project description: Give a high-level overview of how you helped your client achieve their goal.

  • Photo captions: Clearly state if it’s ‘before’ or ‘after’ and explain the problem or solution.

6 reasons to add quality photos

Write a winning business description

Telling your story is a powerful way to connect with potential clients. It provides context and builds familiarity.


Here’s 6 things to include in your business description

  • First tell people how your business started – especially if it’s a positive story.

  • Explain why you love doing what you do – let them see your passion.

  • Introduce them to your team if you have any team members.

  • Share how you like to approach a new project and communicate with clients.

  • Then tell customers with why they should hire you – think about what sets you apart from competitors.

  • Above all, be sure to make this about the customer – show how you can help solve their problems, rather than just focusing on a list of services you provide.

Step 2: Access leads in real-time

Working on the tools and managing a business is a hard gig. The Builderscrack App for Trade makes your life easier and helps you win new business.