Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Tiling

Tiling your bathroom is not such the large or forbidding job as many seem to believe it is. Utilising tradespeople is the quickest and simplest way to achieve great results.  An expert tiler will ensure they are installed professionally. An interior designer can help you to choose the most suitable colours and designs for your room. The creative inspirations seen on websites like Pinterest and Instagram can give you plenty ideas on tile design too.


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choose paint coloursIt’s incredibly exciting when you start to choose paint colours. After all, the most impressive home renovations don’t always need to involve removing walls, adding rooms or hiring architects. All you may need to freshen up your home is a paintbrush!  Nevertheless, before you DIY or hire a painter from Builderscrack for an expert finish, you’ll need to decide what is the perfect paint colour! (more…)

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preparing your home for springSpring is traditionally is the best time of the year to do a thorough ‘spring clean’ after a long cold winter. Get started now on preparing your home for spring.

At this time, there’s some warmth seeping back into the air, and it’s a good time to open the windows and doors and welcome in the fresh air and sunshine.

Preparing your home for spring

Here’s a sampling of tasks that you can hire a professional tradesperson through Builderscrack to do to help you in preparing your home for spring so you can enjoy the sunshine and longer days. (more…)

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painting your home in winterIf you’re like many people, the idea of painting your home in winter sounds crazy. But did you know that winter is an excellent time to paint your home? Builders and property developers don’t wait for spring time to hire a painter and neither should you.

Today’s modern paints will dry quickly and adhere well. Here’s four great reasons to hire a professional decorator and start your painting project today. (more…)

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Ideas for home improvement projects

Your home is your castle, but now it’s the middle of winter, you’re probably tired of being stuck inside so much, especially if there’s home improvement projects you’re eager to get started on.  While some renovations just have to wait until spring or summer, there are plenty of home improvement projects you can hire a tradesperson to tackle right now!

Replace interior doors

home improvement projectsNew doors are a great way to improve your home’s interior and can really add to its style.

Replacement doors featuring raised panels, carved embellishments or frosted glass inserts all add architectural interest and depth. Or you could use glass panels to allow more light through. (more…)

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Kid's Bedroom

Your kid’s bedroom is a space for him or her to  relax, play with friends and spend time alone.

When decorating a kid’s bedroom, ask them questions. This way you’ll understand what they want and can present them with some options.

This will help you get them interested in making their own choices and teach them about compromise and staying within a budget.

The whole process of decorating a children’s bedroom can make for some great parent-child bonding time. Embrace those things that are special about your child and let their personality shine through. Builderscrack have some tips to help you do this.  But if you are unsure where to start, you can hire a decorator or colour consultant to help!


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When you are renovating for profit, it can be difficult establishing what needs doing to maximise the return on your investment.

renovating for profit

Getting it right can reap considerable rewards, getting it wrong results in a waste of your time and money.

Investing a little in many areas of your home can make a real impact when it comes time to sell.How do you know which areas are worth investing time and money into and which ones aren’t?

Here are a few tips to get started. (more…)

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The key to success when using a decorator is to choose a good tradesman before you begin, because correcting a bad paint or wall papering job can be difficult, expensive, time-consuming and more hassle than it’s worth.

When selecting from tradesmen who have responded to your job you posted on, make sure that you read reviews written by previous customers to get a good indication of how they have performed previously.

Once you have selected a decorator, don’t be afraid to ask to inspect previous projects. Look at the job to assess the quality for yourself and talk to the homeowners to see how reliable the decorator was.

using a DecoratorWhen inspecting wallpaper, look at the joins in the paper – the pattern should match perfectly – and at the skirting and scotia to see that the paper is finished tidily and there’s no old glue left on the paintwork. With painted walls, however, the quality of the paint job is largely dictated by the quality of the preparation work. Painting is a skilled trade that requires training and appropriate tools. Professional painters know how to prepare the surface, what paints to use, and how to get the job done with minimal disruption.

It’s a good idea to get quotes from three decorators if possible, and ask for a contract price rather than an hourly rate. Always discuss the job thoroughly with your tradesman before starting, to avoid confusion and disappointment – and make sure the decorator who starts the job is the one who finishes it. Also, as many of them have more than one job on at a time, we recommend trying to pin them down to a schedule.

When using a decorator, consider:

  • Making sure you provide a clear description of the scope of the project, including any surface preparation work. Be specific and concise.
  • Discuss and detail in writing the products and colours you want, including brand name of paint, and make sure through the project that those are actually used.
  • Get an estimate of the time the job will take to complete, and make sure you are aware of any additional costs, such as travel and whether the quote includes GST.
  • Make sure you both sign and date the quote once you’ve accepted it. While anyone can slap paint onto your walls, it takes expertise and experience to get a really high-quality finish.

Interior Home Painting Port St Lucie FloridaBefore any painting work commences, make sure that the painter has looked at the wall beforehand, so a plasterboard-stopper can fix any problems. A painted wall should be smooth to touch, which may mean it needs skimming before-hand. It might be possible to reduce costs by just skimming the walls that get the most light, as they are the ones that will show the most imperfections.

Getting a perfect finish when renovating an older home can be tricky. Walls are often out of plumb and not straight. It’s often best to re-plasterboard the walls altogether, and this also offers the ideal chance to reconfigure your power points and add insulation. However, as the framing in old homes will be rough-hewn, the walls will need packing to ensure the new plasterboard sits flat.

Finally, make sure to be realistic about the amount of time and money you have budgeted to get the job done. Prep work can be pricey, but it’s worth it in the end to achieve a quality finish.

Article (modified) courtesy of Resene Habitat magazine.

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With thousands of shades to choose from in paint – let alone all the other materials that make up your house – you can easily become paralysed by choice when it comes to picking the ideal scheme. A colour consultant can help you today!

Perhaps the safe palette you’ve seen in every showhome turns out to feel ‘not me’. Or perhaps you turn into a kid in a candy store and go wild with an all sorts assembly of colours, which then looks too disjointed. Whichever applies, help is at hand. Colour consultants can pin down your preferences for an overall result that suits your house, budget and lifestyle.

Colour ConsultantFirstly, decide how much help you need. Some Colour Consultants focus just on colour and paints, while others will work through a whole scheme, including fabrics and flooring, right down to the accessories on the shelf. Some architects will also develop colour schemes for you (and yes, they will branch out beyond designer whites).

Choose well

A flick through the classifieds will not give you much sense of whether a particular Colour Consultant will suit you. Post a job on Builderscrack for a Colour Consultant and read their feedback and reviews from other homeowners to get a feel for their reputation. Also ask them for referees you can call or visit. If you like something you see – at a showhome, in a store, at your hairdresser’s or in a cafe – ask the owner who did it. And when you look through local magazines, make a note of  the Colour Consultants whose work (or own home) appeals.

Working style

When you call your consultant for the first time, ask about how they operate. How do they charge? Some do an initial introduction or an in-store consultation for free, then charge to come to your house; some charge a one-off fee; others an open-ended hourly rate; others a percentage on materials or tradesmen. Will they present more than one idea for you to choose from? How much back and forth do they expect? How long does this generally take?

Smart brief

Consultants don’t work well in a vacuum. The clearer you are about your brief, the better they can meet your needs. Start a scrapbook of ideas that appeal to you – magazine clippings, favourite pieces of china, a shell, a leaf, a garment you love. Be explicit about your budget. Do you want to prepare a whole house scheme, but will be undertaking it in stages as money allows? Do you want to look just at a particular room, or do you want help with an exterior look? Be clear about what cannot be changed (existing flooring or furniture, for example), about your likes and dislikes and about your timeframe.

Roll your sleeves up

painted-rainbow-color-houseAfter briefing, a consultant will come back to you with a scheme or two. This may include swatches of paints, flooring, cabinets and other materials, with pieces in approximate proportion to the way they will be used in your home – big pieces of flooring, for example, with tiny chips for an accent pillow. This is partnership time. Be very clear about what you like and don’t like, and listen to how this might be resolved.

Your consultant has seen what works and doesn’t work, but they should also be taking your thoughts on board.

“Colour is too scary, I think I’ll just stick to white.”

For colour ideas view the inspiration Gallery at Resene ColorShops or the Using Colour section at and the Decorating inspiration Gallery at

Happy customers

Be sure all the people who will have to live in the space feel included. Your partner or children may prefer not to discuss every paint chip, but might like to have a final OK. A good consultant is skilled at hearing everyone and finding a satisfactory middle ground.

Read more about painting & colour consultants

Article (modified) courtesy of Resene Habitat magazine.

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Signwriters create signs for residential or commercial purposes.  These signs can include everything from small signs for the front of a business to large billboards and vinyl signs and lettering for use in windows. A sign writer can also use computer software to generate signs with more accuracy.

signwriterIn general, a signwriter’s task is to create a sign for a client or business. The methods a sign writer usually depend on the job and a client will typically provide details of their requirements and request.

A signwriter is often a combination of visual artist and craftsperson presents ideas to the client. Once the client chooses a sign, the signwriter can then begin work.

Different sign writers create signs in different ways. When hiring a signwriter ask them what materials and equipment they will be using.  Wood, metal, vinyl, plastic, and other materials can all be used in creating signs for a client, depending on the desires and budget of a client. Sign writers often do the artistic work in creating the concept of a sign, and physically create the sign as well.

A sign writer can also utilize more modern techniques and technology to create large signs using various modern mediums. Software may be utilised to ensure precision and to create a sign that can be printed via large format printers used to make banners and vinyl signs.

Sign writers may offer some or all of these services:

  • 3D signs
  • Automotive signage
  • Awards, plaques & trophies
  • Commercial signage
  • Custom signage
  • Driftwood sculpture
  • Expo & conference signage
  • Promotional signage
  • Retail signage
  • Signage consultancy
  • Traditional signwriting

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