Behind every job there is a story. This one starts with a homeowner, and a vision to renovate her bathroom from an outdated 1970’s relic to a modern, clean, and functional bathroom.

The Dilemma

The story starts with Joanne and her first tradie, a referral from a friend. The tradie seemed great. The homeowner and the tradie agreed that Joanne would buy everything that was needed for the bathroom, and the tradie gave her a cost to install and renovate to her plan.

Fast forward three months and the tradie was nowhere to be seen and uncontactable.

With the goods for her bathroom waiting in Mitre 10 and a loan taken out for the project, Joanne was desperate to get the job underway.


The Solution

“I spoke to someone at work, saying I didn’t know what to do. I needed to have my bathroom renovated, and my colleague said, have you put it on Builderscrack? Then they showed me how Builderscrack works, how to log on and use the site. I put the advert on the next day, and within two days I had seven respondents, so that was easy-peasy.”

All Joanne had to do, was her due diligence, choose a tradie and get her project underway.

“I got two of them in to do quotations. The reviews are what helped me decide between the two tradies because the price was pretty similar. One had two or three average reviews; the other one had 15 fantastic reviews.”


The Execution

Joanne chose Tim from Gryphon Service Systems, a tradie experienced in performing quality installations; including wet areas, painting, plastering and tiling, all based on his reviews, his excellent communication, service and attention to detail.

“I am a service delivery manager, and quality service is essential to me. If someone says they are going to do something, they must do it. If they say it is going to be done on this day, I expect it to be done on that day. If they say it is going to cost so much, I expect it to cost so much. And every promise he made, he kept.”

Joanne wanted a clean, crisp and modern, functioning bathroom – a far cry from the 1970’s bathroom with its ineffective fittings and electrical components.

“The house was extremely hard to use. The bath, toilet and shower were in three separate rooms because it’s an old 1970’s house. What I did was to close off the laundry and put a shower in there. I decide to make one big bathroom that was going to be a fully functional family bathroom that would service the entire house.”

There was also another problem lurking in the outdated bathroom.

“This might be too much information, but there was a smell, that we couldn’t find. I was forever with bleach, cleaning and carrying on. There was always a smell around the bathroom, if not the whole house”. When Tim the tradie lifted the floor tiles, he found rotten floorboards, the source of the smell, a result of old leaking pipework.


The Result

Not only did Tim and his team fix and replace the rotten floorboards, but they also refurbished the entire bathroom. Stripping the existing bathroom, aqualine and waterproofing around the bath area, replumb, installing new electricals plugs, switches and lights, plastering, painting and tiling, plus installation of toilet, bath, vanity and fittings.

“I didn’t just want a bathroom that looked like a DIY job; I wanted a bathroom with great finishes and also had a bit of a wow factor to it.”

With Tim’s suggestions and input, Joanne got a high spec bathroom that would not only improve the functionality of the home but also add to the overall value of her house.

From speaking with Joanne, it is evident that she is very proud of her new bathroom and is ‘phenomenally happy’. Her review speaks volumes.

“He was always on time & the project finished on budget. It was a pleasure to work with Tim. What sets them apart is the attention to detail & absolute care that they put into the work they do, the finishes are excellent, of the best quality – I am absolutely thrilled.”


Bathroom Before


Bathroom During

Bathroom After


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