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Unexpected winners, Jim and Julie have reached their ultimate retirement dreams with a new deck, and the exciting news of winning our $10k Reno & Relax travel giveaway.

Jim had no idea what he was in for after his son, Nick, recommended posting his job on BC to find a great tradesperson.

Nick had previously used BC for a landscaping & paving job a few years back, so he knew that Jim and Julie’s deck renovation would be in safe hands.

Set out on a mission to create the perfect space for entertaining guests and spending quality time with family, Jim, in his own words, ‘took it by the horns and the rest is history’.

Jim was kind enough to share the details of his renovation experience, including:

  • The problem vs the vision

  • Choosing a tradesperson

  • The job details

  • The results

  • Using BC

A key feature was missing in Jim & Julie’s home: the perfect deck | Photo: Jim

The Problem vs Vision

Jim and Julie’s 2006-built home, is the perfect north-facing spot with spectacular ocean views. But one key feature was missing: the perfect deck.

The previous set up had outdated pavers and lacked shade and protection against New Zealand’s intense sun.

“There was a big step from the house to the ground, so we wanted a deck which was level with the house,” Jim says.

Jim is currently installing two pergolas to accompany the deck. “The new pergolas are 4.5 meters out from the house, and being 99% UV protective, they will hopefully help in protecting us and the family from the sun,” Jim adds.

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Choosing A Tradie

Jim attests to the efficiency and workmanship of tradespeople on BC after he posted his job, and was approached by six keen builders.

“I looked at each review carefully, but Roydon from N&P Building really stood out to me,” Jim says.

“Roydon had mostly 5 stars all round.

“He conducted himself well in response to his reviews, which gave me the big thumbs up.

“He was honest and upfront… and what a neat guy!”

The amazing results! | Photo: Jim

The Job Details

Roydon from N&P Building, and Jim, tell us about the details of the job:

  • Materials: H3 140x32mm pine decking, H3 140x45mm joists, H4 100x100mm bearers, H5 125x125mm piles. All fixings are stainless steel.

  • Cost: N&P Building placed in the middle at $16,500, only slightly above what Jim had anticipated.

  • Duration: 7 days.

  • Logistics: Roydon and his team did the whole project from start to finish. Jim says, “I gave him the image and the measurements, and Roydon was happy to roll with it.”

  • Execution: “Roydon turned up on time, gave the space a quick measure up and got the project underway,” Jim says.


Before vs. After | Photo: Jim

Advice From N&P Building

Roydon from N&P Building shares his advice to other homeowners planning a deck addition or renovation:

  • Plan ahead for what you want to achieve

  • Read the reviews of your selected tradespeople

  • Ensure the building code is being followed

  • Communicate which materials you would like

  • Assess for quality throughout and after the renovation

  • Give your tradespeople plenty of notice and time to plan.

The Results

When I ask Jim what words he would use to describe the space now, he replies: ‘bloody fantastic!’

“With the crazy weather, we haven’t been able to enjoy it yet, but once it’s oiled and the pergolas are up, it’ll be well worth the wait,” Jim says.

“I look forward to having the family over for Christmas!”

The results exceed Jim & Julies’ expectations| Photo: Jim

Thoughts on BC

“Builderscrack is great! I am a stock controller and have nothing to do with building, so I couldn’t understand how people easily find a suitable builder,” Jim says.

“This platform made things so easy for me.”

With the results exceeding their expectations, Jim and Julie can now turn their attention to where they want to go on their $10k holiday.

“My wife and I can’t come to an agreement on where to go, so we think we’ll sit on it for a bit,” Jim laughs.

“We have been to Rarotonga a few times already,” Jim says, “but, we are currently considering Fiji, or maybe even Greece.”

Thank You

A big thank you to Roydon and Sam from N&P Building, and our lovely homeowners Jim and Julie, for sharing their ‘Reno & Relax’ inspired deck renovation story.

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