One of the most popular selling points of a kiwi home is the indoor/outdoor flow. Whether you’re thinking of selling or just want to realise the potential of your home and the plot it stands on, considering indoor outdoor flow is important…

Indoor outdoor flow

The secret to unlocking the potential of both spaces is blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. This works regardless of the size of your garden compared to the size of your home. Select from our great ideas below to improve indoor outdoor flow and make the most of your property.

Start indoors with the decor

Including shades of green in your room makes an instant connection between your garden and home. If you’re not fond of green walls or carpet go for accents and highlights in upholstery, accessories and prints. An interior designer can inspire you even further. It’s a good idea to stick to natural green shades rather than bright green leafy colours to create interest but not overwhelm. If you like patterns, there are plenty of gorgeous wallpapers, soft furnishing coverings and table accessories that include botanical motifs.


In most parts of New Zealand we’re lucky that the there’s a lot of opportunities spring through to autumn to dine outside if we wish to. However during winter or rainy times, you can still feel connected to your outdoor garden space by reworking the layout of your rooms. Don’t have the dining table far away from the garden in the kitchen. Try moving it to an area in your living room or lounge that is close to the windows. Being able to look outside while you share family meal is lovely. You can also try hanging a mirror on the wall. This means those sitting facing away from the garden can still get a great view. This also helps to expand the impression of the room being larger than it is.

Open out your home

Lots of our older kiwi homes aren’t all that well connected to the back garden with smaller (or no) windows down the back end of the house. To create better indoor outdoor flow that doesn’t stop with the main dining and living areas, swap out the smaller windows with larger windows or where possible sliding doors and maybe a small deck. There’s nothing nicer than being able to enjoy some peace and privacy on a back deck that exclusively sits off your bedroom. If you’ve got young kids it’s an extra place you can make safe for them to play on in the spring evenings. Or your teenagers can relax out there with their mates and not invade the rest of your home.

Larger windows and doors also let more light in. It’s important to get good thermal drapes to keep the heat in during the colder winter months.

Choose woven furniture

Woven furniture looks great both inside and out with the right surroundings. Modern synthetic rattan and wicker furniture look just like the real thing. But they have the added benefit of being both low maintenance and weatherproof. You can easily take your chairs and  coffee table out on the front deck and leave it there for the summer.

Use the same flooring

Whether you’re adding a conservatory or other all-glass extension, or an extension of another style to your home, selecting the same flooring for inside and out will beautifully enhance indoor outdoor flow. Speak to your professional builder or designer. They’ll help you pick a tile or flooring cover that will work both inside and out.

Heat up the deck or patio

A garden fireplace creates a focal point as well as providing warmth. You can then seat your friends and family outside when entertaining as often as possible. This can decrease the feeling of being cramped if you have a smaller home. It can also give more of an al fresco feel to your dining experience. Adding an outdoor kitchen, grill or even a BBQ will allow you to do the cooking outside. This means you won’t have to leave your guests to entertain themselves while you prepare a meal.

Go potty with plants

A lot of plants are suitable for either indoors or outdoors, not both. Or you may not even want the same plants inside and outside, but it’s worth considering having them near the entrance way and immediate deck to turn the two areas into one. Create harmony by selecting planters in the same material if appropriate, or at the very least the same colour.

Now you have some great ideas to increase the livability of your home and maximise your indoor outdoor flow, hire a professional tradesperson today to help realise your dream.