what do upholsters do?

An upholsterer is a tradesman who can measure, cut, sew and fit cloth or leather to furnishings such as sofas and chairs.  Upholsterers are also able to apply padding and coverings for bedframes, cars and boats.


All upholsterers can craft upholstery for new furniture as well as old furniture that has reusable frames.

Almost all furniture has a wooden frame and sofas and chairs also have a coiled spring construction which is covered by a layer of loosely woven fabric which is known as webbing.  Cushions that contain padded foam are covered with upholstery material and fit on top of the webbing.  The backs and sides of sofas and chairs are usually also padded and covered in fabric. An upholsterer will fasten the fabric to the underside of the furniture with staples, screws or tacks to protect it.

upholstererWhen hiring an upholsterer, check if they know how to measure, cut and sew heavyweight, durable fabrics as these are most often used for creating upholstery.

Rather than throwing out old furniture, many people prefer to have their furniture upcycled by an experienced upholsterer.

Upholsterers can also advise homeowners whether their chairs or couches have strong frames that are worth upcycling. They can also replace the webbing, fabric and padding as well as create soft cushions.

Some upholsterers can sew curtains and other soft furnishings. Homeowners may select upholstery and drapery that match to give their living rooms a whole new look.  Upholsterers can advise homeowners on how to clean and maintain their new drapes or furnishings.

The services an upholsterer may offer include:

  • Seat upholstery,
  • Chair upholstery
  • Seat restoration
  • Lounge suite upholstery
  • Furniture repair
  • Lounge suite repair
  • Lounge suite recovery
  • Car upholstery
  • Marine upholstery