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    Tracey Mackenzie

    Hi Julie

    Thanks for your e-mail. We won’t be putting the pictures up on site so there’s no need to worry about income – dont worry if we used them we would definitely payy ou. Thanks for sharing them with me, I have followed you in a personal capacity on pinterest and I’ll look forward to seeing what else you are doing 🙂

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    Juliet J Hitchiner

    Hi Tracey, I hope I have sent you a link to my board on pinterest. For the pictures to make any sense you need to scroll to the bottom and read the story upwards, sorry not as IT savy as Id likd to think, you are welcome to put it up on your site but if it brings you any income we need to talk xx cheers JJ HITCHINER

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    Tracey Mackenzie

    Hello, would you be happy for us to use some of your site information/content to share with our users so they can see what you’ve done? Please contact me on if you are interested 🙂

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    Tracey Mackenzie

    Hi Julie, that sounds awesome, could you email me a picyure of your gypsy wagon please or send me a link to your pinterest account?

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    Juliet Joy Hitchiner

    My sister and I have just purchased some land in the waitara area Taranaki and I will be living I in the gypsy wagon I have built. Not sure how to put a pic up but the build is on my pinterest site.juliet. Hitchiner.

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    Nat & Zar

    heya, we love living in our tiny home! have been in 8 months now, and find it brings so much joy in it’s design & lack of bills and maintenance. We built two on our site, knowing how useful people would find it to ‘try before you buy’ tiny house living. You can see it at

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