Construction project managers are responsible for setting schedules, keeping an eye on finances, managing staff and ensuring there are no safety hazards on site…

Project managers are hired to lead and oversee building projects from beginning to end. These jobs can be a small remodelling or renovation job or the construction of a large residential development.

A Project Manager will be involved from the beginning of a project with initial planning, selection of architects, general contractors, builders and other parties.

Project Managers may perform some of these tasks:

  • Project management planning –  laying out a plan for the entire project specifying the tasks and materials needed to complete to a timeline
  • Cost management. Keep tabs on costs, making allowances for unexpected complications
  • Quality management. Projects can involve multiple contractors and subcontractors; Project managers make sure they’re all doing their job properly
  • Contract administration. Ensure the contract provisions are being met and all related parties are satisfied.
  • Safety management. Construction sites are filled with potential safety hazards that Project managers must be aware of and guard against.

When hiring a Project Manager, ensure they are experts at keeping everyone in the loop during the project, from the homeowner, architect and contractor to the electrician, plumber or earthworks contractors and are able to quickly resolve any problems that might happen.