Moving house tips and tricks

Moving house can be a challenge. Whether you’re hiring a professional removalist or moving with the help of friends or family, these 15 moving tips will help to make moving house a breeze.

15 tips to make moving house easier


Calculate your boxes – The last thing you want is to end up with more than what you can transport. That is why you need to determine the exact number of the boxes you are going to have.

Game on – Have you ever played Tetris as a kid? Then you can use your skills to organize your items in the moving van. If not, here are some tips. Put boxes with similar sizes and weight at the same place. Position the heaviest objects as well as washers and dryers on the front. Drawers and dresses should be as near as possible to the walls of the truck.

Lazy solution – If you don’t want to empty your drawers simply cover them with a plastic wrap, so the stuffing will stay in place. This will immediately turn your dressers in moving boxes.

#Tag – Label all your boxes when moving house. You should not only describe the content, but also write in which room it will go. You can paint the tags in different colours to spot them more quickly.

moving house box labels


Leave the closet – In this sense, you don’t need to take all of the clothes out of your wardrobe. Instead, leave them on the hangers. Protect your clothes from damage by diligently folding them in garbage bags.

Reach out – Store the most vital household items in a clear plastic bin. The transparency allows you to see inside and immediately reach what you need.

Easy squeeze – Put the heaviest objects like books in suitcases with wheels. It will facilitate their transportation.

Pack up – When you dissemble shelves, furniture or other objects, store the small parts in sandwich bags. Put a tag on each of them, so you can easily find where they belong. Apply the same method for the chords of your electronics.

Extra security – Use clean socks to pack your glasses and stemware. When you place the dishes into the box, position them vertically like records. Put styrofoam plates between each of them.

Preserve your make up – Insert cotton pads into your powder cosmetics to keep them from breaking.

Dramatic situation – If you’re out of bubble wrap you can cover your breakable items in clothing.

Untangled – Connecting the cables of your electronic devices can be a real challenge when you move to a new house. You don’t need to remember where all the wires go. Simply take a photo before disconnecting them.

Snap – If you have a chance visit your new place. This will give you the opportunity to think how you will arrange your space and determine your furniture layout.

You can even take photos, so you can discuss it with the rest of your family. Pre-cleaning is always a good idea and it will prepare your home.

De-clutter –Get rid of the things you don’t use. Consider a garage sale or donation. You don’t need unnecessary items that flood your new home. In this way you will have fewer things to move out.