Hiring a handyman from Builderscrack may prove more useful than you may realise. While there are many instances where you will need to hire a specialised tradesperson, there are also plenty of other cases where a handyman is all you need…

Many jobs around the house may seem simple, but in actual fact they require knowledge, hands-on experience, special tools and spare parts.

Don’t waste your time trying to learn how to carry out these tasks and what supplies you might need then wasting more money purchasing specialised tools you may never use again, call in a handyman from Builderscrack.  Here’s some tips on hiring a handyman.

Top tips on hiring a handyman for your home

  • When hiring a handyman be sure to read through all their reviews and responses thoroughly
  • As well as reading their reviews, ask for references. A good handyman will have clients happy to vouch for him
  • Ask all questions you can think of, no matter how silly you might think they are
  • Get everything in writing, and recorded in Builderscrack.   The handyman’s full contact details, contract, estimate/quote, cost of supplies – all these factors should be covered in a written format.
  • Discuss payment terms and conditions in detail. You can either ask for an estimate before the work starts, or decide to pay on a per hour basis. Ensure your quote or estimate is put through Builderscrack.
  • Don’t pay in advance, unless it’s for supplies. Ensure you get a receipt.The cheapest price isn’t always the best. If a handyman is quoting way below market rates, investigate more! It’s quite possible that either the work won’t be up to scratch, the supplies may be shoddy or there might be something else fishy about the handyman.
  • Ensure that they are able to get any necessary plans or permits if you’re intending on doing major work.
  • Ask about the guarantees offered by the handyman. Check that this is provided in writing to protect your home against poor workmanship.
  • Ask how many projects the handyman has on at any one time. Check when you’ll be scheduled in so your work isn’t delayed indefinitely.

Make life easier – Hire a professional

Hiring a handyman will make your life easier and you may be able to build a good ongoing relationship with them into the future.  They’ll then go the extra mile to help you out when you need it. This will save you a lot of worry and trouble not to mention money!

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