A garage door expert will install, maintain and repair garage doors for both manual and automatic types. We have a look at what you can expect from a garage door installer…

Garage door parts connect the sections of the door together and provide the travel mechanism and counterbalance to allow the sections to move above the door opening. The parts that join the sections together and enable them to pivot are called hinges.

The end hinges serve the dual purpose of carrying the door rollers as they travel through the vertical tracks and overhead in the horizontal garage door tracks. Wider doors are supported with struts to prevent the sections from sagging or buckling.

The tops and bottoms of garage doors have fixtures to carry the rollers. These parts are called top fixtures and bottom fixtures. These, and all the other parts, are connected with fasteners.  The counterbalance system comprises the door parts that lift the door above the opening. The lift is accomplished with cables attached to the bottom fixtures of the door at one end, and to the cable drums at each end of the shaft above the door.

The services of a garage door specialist include:

  • Servicing doors
  • Installing garage doors
  • Fitting doors
  • Maintaining garage doors
  • Wiring garage doors

The parts providing the counterbalance torque consist of the torsion springs, cones, end bearing plates, centre, shafts and couplers. One end of each spring is secured to a bracket fastened to the jamb. The other end of the torsion spring is wound and secured to the shaft with the setscrews of the winding cone. The torque is transferred through the shaft to the cable drums and on to the cables on each side of the door.

Extension spring parts differ from the hardware used on torsion spring assemblies. The springs stretch as the garage door closes and pull on cables that are supported by pulleys.

garage door

Extension spring parts provide a balanced system with the pull of the springs against the weight of the door.

Additional door parts include the weather-stripping to insulate the perimeter of the door, with astragal secured to the bottom, and stop moulding on the sides and top of the opening. Windows provide light and visibility. Garage door exhaust ports allow car engines to run in the garage while routing fumes through the exhaust hoses.

Door locks and handles allow for manual operation, while openers controlled by remote transmitters and keypads are the preferred choice of operation.

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