Ducted vacuum installers are responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of ducted vacuum systems, an internal vacuum system usually installed at the build stage of a home…  

The ducted way is the easiest way to vacuum. A ducted vacuum system can be installed either into a home being built, or if a roof space is suitable, into an existing home.  The PVC piping is installed in the walls of your home and hooks up to a vacuum unit installed elsewhere.

A ducted vacuum system is also known as a built-in vacuum or central vacuum.  It’s the modern alternative to a portable vacuum and consists of four parts:

  • A power unit is installed out-of-the-way and also serves as the collection point for dirt that is vacuumed up
  • PVC pipe work or ducting connects the power unit to the inlet valves
  • Inlet valves will be located throughout your house.  When you vacuum, attach the hose to the inlet valve in the area you want to clean
  • Vacuum hoses and attachments connect to inlet valves.  The hose is usually 9 metres long and various attachments cater to for differing cleaning needs, such as hard floors, carpets, draperies or car interiors

The services of a ducted vacuum installer include:

  • Installation, maintenance and repair
  • Vacuum tank emptying
  • Installing, maintaining & fixing extractor fans

Carpets can harbour all kinds of pollutants, so you need to make sure you can remove these easily.  Portable vacuum systems can suck up these pollutants and expel fine particles back into the air.

Major benefits of a ducted system include better suction, less noise and ease of use. Get a free online quote for ducted vacuum installation today.