Hiring a gardener can be a great way to ease pressure for a time strapped household or for homeowners that don’t have a green thumb. But what what can you except a gardener to do?…

A gardener is a tradesperson who maintains and cultivates a homeowners garden, including mowing lawns, wedding and tending to plants, shrubs and trees. They may prune and maintain your garden on a regular or one-off basis, depending on your preference.

How do you go about choosing a good gardener? Asking for a site visit is a good way to begin. Make a list of all the tasks you would like the gardener to do and give it to them as you show them around. This way you not only get a feel for them as a person, but also set a specific lists of garden tasks you want them to execute each time they come.

Some homeowners hire a gardener for only regular lawn mowing, while others get them to deal with the entire garden, including weeding, planting, pruning and mulching, along with the lawns.

How often they come is up to you and your budget. However, the gardener will advise the best frequency to keep the garden and lawns looking good. This will vary throughout the year, in winter they may visit once a month or less, where as in summer they may visit every two weeks.

The work will then be executed based on their expert knowledge of plant and lawn care.

Commonly used tools:

  • Tools (shovel, hoe, rake)
  • Gloves
  • Watering can
  • Hose
  • Seeds, soil and fertilizer
  • Insect repellent
  • Insecticides, and pesticides

Hiring a lawn mowing contractor or service to handle your mowing and garden will make maintenance of your outdoor areas much easier.