Garden Shed installation - what do they do?

A garden shed is used for storing garden tools, fertiliser, lawn mowers and other items used to care for lawns and gardens.  They’re ideal for keeping these items within reach but protected from the weather.

Rain and sun will damage garden tools making them brittle or creating rust.

A professional garden shed installation will ensure both your tools and your shed will remain in use for many years to come.

Garden sheds are usually located in the back of the yard, often out of sight from the street. Items not stored in the garage or house are often placed in the garden shed. It’s prudent to lock garden sheds to stop theft or small children getting into potentially harmful items.

Preparing  your yard for garden shed installation:

If you’ve bought your new shed, and hired a tradesperson to complete your garden shed installation, and decided where to place it, you then need to consider what to do when preparing your garden.

garden shed installationWhen installing a shed, ensure that you have a level surface to build on.  The flooring can be made from timber decking, concrete or garden slabs.  If you don’t have a level surface your shed could warp which can damage the timber or windows.

If you’re using a shed base that’s provided as part of the garden shed installation, you’ll still need to clear the site from rubble and ensure its level.  Lay a weed proof membrane to prevent growth and damage to your shed.