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    I enjoy working with the local tree groups in my area and reaching out to arborists who give me great insight on how to properly care for my trees. In fact, there are organizations that will give you free trees to plant…some fruit trees included! I imagine this differs by area.

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    assurance trees

    I love taking care of trees and making sure they grow well. I would love to learn more about what else arborists do. I am interested to know what to do with tree root problems and the need for tree root pruning so that the integrity of the mature tree will not be compromised.

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    Burt Silver

    I like that you mentioned that a good arborist will balance the needs of the customer and the needs of the tree! My wife and I have many beautiful trees in our yard. We want to maintain them and keep them healthy, but some branches are getting to close to our home to be safe. I will definitely keep these tips in mind as I look for an arborist, thanks a lot!

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