Autumn is the perfect time to plant almost any type of plants and trees, it’s an especially good time to put down new lawn and is the only time  you can plant spring bulbs…

As you will agree, a garden without any trees and shrubs feels pretty desolate and lonely when winter arrives. With a bit of forward planning you can have a great looking garden in winter. You’ll find then that Spring will take care of itself. Trees and shrubs give a garden structure, and a backdrop to highlight the beautiful flowers that come up in spring and summer.

Trees and shrubs provide order and accent whether they’re planted as hedges or clipped as fancy topiary. They are also useful to create privacy, tidy garden borders and provide a strong foundation for your garden. As a guide, half to two thirds of your garden planting area should be trees and shrubs.

Autumn Planting Tips

Trees can visually anchor your home into its setting, enhance its street appeal and frame the outward views to the street. The dappled shade of a tree with autumn leaves is lovely to relax in while avoiding the harsher winds of the approaching winter.

Autumn Planting Tips

Deciduous trees will let the sun shine through in winter while creating a haven for shade loving plants beneath them. Beautiful evergreens can offer year-round privacy and protection from the wind.

Autumn planting tips

We’ve put together a collection of autumn planting tips. We’re sure they’ll help you get your garden ship-shape quickly!

  • Saturate the roots of a plant thoroughly before planting it
  • Prepare a hole 1.5x deeper and 2x wider than the roots
  • Add controlled release fertiliser and compost into the planting hole
  • Add water plenty of water and a layer of mulch after planting to block weeds and retain moisture
  • Stakes are important for younger trees to anchor against. It’s important to position them while you can still see the plant roots
  • Go for the best shaped and quality tree you can afford. They’re a long term investment.

If you don’t have the time or energy to plan and plant your spring garden then hire a professional gardener or landscape architect to help you.