Smart homes are the way of the future and we are seeing more of these automated features within our homes. Created to make life simpler for homeowners, intelligent homes are still seen as a luxury rather than a necessity by many. However, we’re certain in that you’ll want these must see smart home features as much as we do…

Must have smart home features

Remember the TV show The Jetsons? Based in a future we could only dream about, the Jetson family had a robot maid, a flying car and an automated kitchen. While technology in our homes has made giant leaps forward, we’re still not quite at the Jetson’s level just yet. Nevertheless, there are many home innovations we can install in our homes to make life simpler and automated today.

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to cut their power bills. One of the benefits of smart homes is that they can limit the use of our heating and lighting appliances. Sensors will note whether we are using a room or not, then adjust the temperature and lighting accordingly. This is perfect if you are constantly forgetting to turn off the lights when leaving a room. You can also manually set the time you want these to turn on in anticipation of your use of a specific room too.

Noisy alarm clocks will be a thing of the past. 2017 homeowners can look forward to being gently woken up by their home instead. A gradually brightening light, soft music and curtains being drawn will wake you up at a time predetermined by you. You are also able to set your heating and hot water to turn on automatically each morning too. No more cold toes in winter!

Keeping your home safe with intelligent technology

Keep your home safe with an automated security system. Connected to your smartphone, your home’s security system will let you turn it on and off remotely. Bringing groceries inside gets much easier too. Your smartphone home security app will automatically unlock or lock your doors as you get nearer to them. If you are not home to let a tradesperson in, you can also do that remotely. Your home will forward you a video of the person at your home, letting you give them access to certain areas. You can also track their movement through installed home security cameras too.

 Heading away on holiday? You can relax knowing that your smart home will keep an eye on itself. Leaks will be instantly detected, preventing water damage to our furnishings by alerting you to act immediately. If you have an elderly relative remaining at home, it will monitor them too. Using pressure sensors in the floor, it can tell if they are keeping to their daily routine or not. You can then call to check everything is okay with them if you are concerned with the change of routine.

Many new smart home features are wireless, making them suitable for existing homes. Many also require professional installation by an electrician. With plenty of experienced electricians available, make Builderscrack your first port of call for a free quote. List your jobs today and enjoy the no-fuss no-stress benefits of finding a tradie with Builderscrack.