Stove / OvenHalswell, Christchurch
Posted 2 years ago

I currently have a gas stove top. It uses a BBQ style gas bottle that is under the bench in a cupboard. I would like to have the gas bottle moved outside the house and plumbed through the wall.

The wall is brick veneer.

A durable, weatherproof shelter would need to be built to house two BBQ sized gas bottles, probably with a roof and doors as it is an exposed area of the house. I would also consider making it large enough to house a large gas bottle. The location for this shelter is directly outside of where the stove is so no significant amount of piping will be needed.

The quality of workmanship needs to be good and the finished product needs to look good. The gas bottle shelter will be near the front door in a highly visible area of the house. The hole in the wall needs to be weather proof.

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“Good, tidy work. On time. Presented well.

Only minor complaint would be the communication could have been a little better. If I'm calling someone on a work phone number I expect a work like answer not just "Hello". Something like "Hi this is Joe from Joe's Plumbing" would be more appropriate. Also a quick phone call once the job was done would have been nice too, seeing as I wasn't on site at the time. As I said, pretty minor stuff.”

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