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If you don’t find your answer here then please contact us. In the FAQ’s below we use ‘homeowner’ to refer to the people that post jobs on Builderscrack.

What is Builderscrack?

Builderscrack is a service that allows homeowners to post jobs they need tradesmen to do on their homes.  Tradesmen can then choose which jobs to chase, and when successful can quote online and be rated for their workmanship and communication.  Builderscrack provides a very cost effective way of winning work for tradespeople, as you only need to respond to queries when you need work, and will only pay a small fee when you win work.

How do I register and is it free to register?

Registering is completely free and easy. Tradesmen can register here.

You need to provide a valid email address. We use this to send you details of new jobs posted on the site and inform you of any major website changes.

You also need to provide a current address and phone number, so we can contact you if there are any issues with setting up your account. We will verify your address before you are able to start chasing jobs.

Choose a username and a password.  Your username is the name that homeowners first see when you indicate interest in their job. Read the terms and conditions, tick the box to indicate that you have done so, then click ‘signup’.  An email will be sent to you to confirm your email address is valid. If you don’t receive the email promptly, check your junk/spam/trash folders. If you can’t find it,  contact us and we will be more than happy to re-send it.

When you have clicked on the verification message in your inbox you will be taken to a page where you can say how you found out about Builderscrack. Now it’s time to set up your Trade profile. This is important because this is the information that homeowners will see. You want to appear professional, so take some time over this page to think about how you can best represent yourself. Homeowners regularly tell us about how important trade profiles are in deciding which tradesman to choose.

The next step is to set up your job email alerts. This filter controls what types of job will be emailed to you. Are you interested only in plumbing jobs or do you want emails about several different types of jobs? Likewise, do you want to see jobs only for a certain location, or are there several adjacent districts in which you work? Use the drop-down and tick boxes to set your preferences. You can change these at any time by going to trades & districts once logged in.

How does the ‘chasing’ and quoting process work?

When signed in, recent jobs provides a list of all jobs that you have been selected to chase. This list is restricted to the trades and locations that you have selected. The list shows only the jobs that you have been sent leads for or for jobs that are still looking for tradespeople.

When you see a job that you want to quote on simply click on the job, read the job description, and click ‘Request Contact Info’. If there has been a lot of interest in the job the chaselist may be full and the ‘Request Contact Info’ button may not be available.

Once you have clicked ‘Request Contact Info’ you have the option to write a greeting note to the person that posted the job. We recommend taking the time to personalise this note.  Don’t include your contact details, the homeowner already has access to these.

You can either click the link in the email we send you or you can click the link on our website. It is advised to accept or decline each job that we send you through one of these methods to keep your traderank high and ensure you get the best possible leads in the future.

The homeowner can see all the expressions of interest from tradespeople. If they decide they want you to quote on their job you will receive an email to let you know. Next time you log in you will receive their contact details and can proceed with quoting. The quicker you make contact, the more likely it is you will win work.

Make sure to communicate in a very clear and professional manner and follow through on what you say you will do.  If you say you are interested in quoting, please provide a quote, or go back to explain why you will not do so. The homeowner will have the opportunity to rate you on this.

If you decide you are not interested in the job after speaking with the homeowner, click ‘Drop Job’. This clears the job from your chaselist. By clicking this button you are saying that you have decided not to do any work on this job.

By clicking ‘Grab Job’ you let us know the price of the quote you have agreed with the homeowner. Our system also allows you to quote online and make a note to the homeowner of any special conditions – e.g. you might like to say that the quote is accurate within +/- 15%.

Having provided a quote the homeowner may accept, decline or query it. Once the job is agreed upon it will be closed.  If you won the work you will be sent an invoice for our service. Please note that payment for our service is required at this point, not when you have completed the work and been paid by the homeowner.

What is TradeRank?

TradeRank is a measure of your effectiveness in securing work and giving homeowners a good experience. It is based on a number of signals, such as responsiveness, professionalism and paying invoices on time.

It is important to note that we don’t send all leads to everyone. However the higher your TradeRank the more job leads (and priority leads) you will receive.

We also reduce or stop sending leads to tradespeople under the following circumstances:

  1. Your chase list is full
  2. Failure to respond to leads
  3. Attempts to circumvent the system

When do I need to pay the Builderscrack fee?

In general practice it is normal for professionals to pay for advertising before winning work (e.g. yellow pages, newspapers etc). With Builderscrack we provide a service in which we charge when the job is won. We think that it is fair that we charge at the point a contract is agreed between homeowner and tradesman as we have no visibility past that point.

Our wording on the page in which you ‘grab’ the job is “You will be charged once it has been confirmed that you have won this job.”

Payment for invoices is required within seven days of the date of invoice. We encourage tradesmen to pay through credit card or internet banking to ensure rapid processing of accounts. At any time you can log in to your account and see any outstanding invoices.

What are Builderscrack fees & ongoing costs?

Pricing is based on job size and is capped. Builderscrack is very low risk because you only get invoiced once you secure work (unlike traditional advertising).

All prices are in New Zealand dollars (NZD). For recurring jobs, the job cost is calculated over 9 weeks. The job cost is the total cost of the job that the homeowner pays (which may include GST).

Standard accounts are free, so you can start chasing jobs as soon as you have created your account! Builderscrack Pro is a additional service that provides extra benefits.

For a standard Builderscrack trade account the only ongoing cost of using Builderscrack is the success fee which is only charged when tradesmen win work.  For Builderscrack Pro accounts there is a quarterly or annual fee.

Current Trade Pricing is available here.

What is Builderscrack Pro and why should I upgrade?

Builderscrack Pro is an enhancement to the standard Builderscrack service for Tradesmen. With Builderscrack Pro, you can chase more jobs, create your own web space to promote your business, and receive a 20% discount on the job-winning service fee.

One of the most important features of Pro is that Pro tradesmen appear at the top of the job chaselist. Our data clearly indicates that homeowners prefer Builderscrack Pro tradesmen. tradesmen win significantly more jobs than standard tradesmen.

Current trade pricing is available here.

What are job leads?

A job can only be chased by tradespeople who have been sent a lead. There are a number of things you can do to increase the number of leads you are sent. Builderscrack Pro tradespeople receive more leads – learn about the benefits of Pro.

We also reduce or stop sending leads to tradespeople under the following circumstances:

  1. Full chase list
  2. Failure to respond to leads
  3. Attempts to circumvent the system

There are a number of things to do to ensure that you get the most leads possible:

  1. Quote through Builderscrack
  2. Give customers good experiences and get good reviews
  3. Pay on time and pay via your credit card
  4. Never ever try to circumvent the system. This always gets back to us and will adversely affect your rank
  5. Close off your jobs as soon as you know the outcome
  6. Make sure your account profile is up to date. If you are accredited then enter this information
  7. Respond to leads emails by clicking one of the two links that are available
  8. Avoid filling up your chase list. Full chase lists stop receiving leads
  9. Go Pro – Pro tradespeople receive more leads

Why don’t you send the job out to everybody?

Sending out job notifications to thousands of tradespeople means excessive and unrealistic competition between tradespeople. So instead our system selects a limited set of tradespeople to send leads to. Our system sends more leads to tradespeople that give homeowners a great experience and use our site as we intend it.

Why don’t I receive notification of every job?

Builderscrack sends out a limited set of leads to tradespeople for any particular job. Only these tradespeople can chase the job, until such time job is opened up for general chasing. This avoids excessive competition and improves the chance of a successful outcome for a tradesperson.

Why did I receive a notification when I'm not signed up to that trade?

If we've exhausted our list of tradespeople who match the job's trade and still don't have enough interest, we send the job to tradespeople signed up to trades which we think are related. This results in homeowners getting more interest in their job and tradespeople being sent leads from trades they may have overlooked. You can unsubscribe on your my trades page.

What are hammer ratings?

Homeowners rate the communication and work done by tradesmen that use Builderscrack on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. Only tradesmen who win work through Builderscrack can get reviewed. Reviews are critical in building a reputation – the better the reputation the more work tradesmen win.

Our review process is trusted by homeowners, as only the tradesmen who chase jobs posted by homeowners on Builderscrack can be reviewed. Therefore no manufactured reviews can be posted by family or competitors.

To ensure that you get rated, make sure you grab all jobs you win. This will allow the homeowner to place reviews. If you do not grab the jobs, then you cannot build your review portfolio.

When you receive an email saying you have been reviewed, click the link and post your reply.

Read about review disputes.

What are listings?

We allow businesses to post recruitment listings seeking sub-contractors and employees. You will not receive emails for every listing you are eligible for but they will appear on your available listings page immediately once posted. There is no fee to the tradesperson for any work sourced through listings, nor any impact on your chase list. The businesses decide how many entries they'd like and we randomly select from the submitted tradespeople who to disclose. Tradespeople are not informed if selected and the businesses will contact you at their discretion.

How does Builderscrack handle review disputes?

Due to the nature of our process, disputes are rare. However if you feel that you have been unfairly reviewed, please contact us. We may contact the homeowner and assess the situation. However please be aware that bad reviews will not be removed if they are found to be justified. The best way to ensure positive reviews, is to ensure the homeowner has a great experience.

What about security?

We have that covered! We don’t store your password in plain text (we store a hash of your password) and all communications is securely transmitted over https. That means we don’t even know what your password is! Read our Privacy policy for more information.

Disputes process

The vast majority of customers that use Builderscrack to source tradesmen are happy with the tradesmen that they find. Tradesmen know they will be rated on the website, and so generally perform well accordingly. Customers also have the benefit of being able to read profiles and previous customer ratings before selecting tradesmen that they want to quote.

However, from time to time disputes do occur. Our policy on dealing with disputes is outlined below.

In the first instance we highly recommend that the customer and the tradesman attempt to resolve the process together. This is generally the least complicated and most expedient route. Builderscrack provides a record of all communications that have been made online during the quoting process. This information is visible and available to both parties.

Both parties should make sure they have a clear understanding of consumer rights. In particular, review what is required in terms of service quality under the Consumer Guarantees Act. Useful sources of information can be accessed here.

In the event that the dispute cannot be resolved, we recommend the use of an independent arbitrator or mediator. We recommend that you use AMINZ and search the professional directory on that site to find a professional that can help you to work through the issue.

Ultimately disputes (less than $15,000) can be resolved at the Disputes Tribunal.