New Zealand is at Alert Level 4. Please be aware only emergency works can be carried out on residential and commercial property during this time. Tradies and Homeowners can still communicate to discuss quotes and information for future jobs, as long as this is in-line with the current Alert Level 4 restrictions. More information available here.

COVID-19 Resources for Tradespeople and Homeowners

We have put together some resources for you at a time when you need answers. Here, you’ll find information about carrying out work during lockdown, and how you can keep yourself and everyone around you, safe.

The following information is current as of 2PM 30 March

Please note that while we will regularly update the information on this page, the evolving nature of our nation’s response to COVID-19 means you will always find the most up to date information regarding all matters of COVID-19 in the following places:

Can Tradespeople Carry Out Jobs During Alert Level 4?

Yes, but only if it is required to address immediate health or life safety risks. In summary:

Residential Commercial
Only if tradespeople can provide what is considered an essential service, required to address immediate health or life safety risks, or to prevent serious environmental harm at home or work. Only if tradespeople can provide what is considered an essential service to an entity listed under essential businesses, including those in the supply and support chain.

What Are Essential Businesses?

  • Any entity involved in building and construction related to essential services and critical infrastructure, including those in the supply and support chain.
  • Any entity involved in any work required to address immediate health or life safety risks, or to prevent serious environmental harm, and relevant essential supply chain elements.
  • Any entity with statutory responsibilities or that is involved in building and resource consenting necessary for the above purposes.

For an extensive list of essential businesses, and entities providing essential services, read the latest update here .

While our team is also feeling the repercussions of this event, it goes without saying that the safety of our communities, friends and family is paramount.

What Are Some Examples Of Trades And Their Essential Services?

Please remember, the purpose of Alert Level to 4 is to reduce contact between people and stop the virus in its tracks. We need as many businesses as possible to strictly adhere to the Government’s advice now, if our one shot at beating the virus is to be successful.

The following situations only apply if they are required immediately to address health or life safety risks at home:

  • Glazier: If your window is broken, and you are exposed to the elements
  • Electrician: If your household is without power, and you cannot cook or cool food
  • Plumber: If your water supply is broken, and you do not have access to sanitation
  • Roofer: If your roof has experienced storm damage, and you are at risk of injury
  • Gasfitter: If your gas, fire or hot water system is leaking or broken, and you are without heating
  • Drainlayer: If your drains are blocked, and your house is flooding
  • Locksmith: If you get locked out of your house, and cannot enter your own home

Please note these examples are provided for context only, and must not be used as a means to validate carrying out non-essential works during Alert Level 4.

How Do I Decide Which Jobs are Essential to Maintain the Necessities of Life, or Critical to Safety?

You will need to use your discretion on a case-by-case basis. Any person posting a job, or carrying out a job, will need to justify their reasoning.

If a business, or homeowner, chooses to ignore official advice and continues to operate as usual, there will be actions taken to stop this by the New Zealand Government, and enforcement measures may be used.

In which case, you might like to keep a paper trail of communication to demonstrate how your discretion was exercised, and your process for deeming the works were necessary immediately for the household health and safety.

For further guidance, please refer to the 'Questions to help identify essential work' on the Building Performance website.

Can Tradespeople Still Chase Non-Essential Jobs?

Yes. Though there will be reduced jobs coming through the platform, we encourage tradespeople to discuss non-essential job details with Homeowners. You may use the platform as a tool to plan and secure jobs for the future, however, these non-essential jobs must not be carried out during the current Alert Level 4 restrictions.

What Health and Safety Advice Should I Follow?

There are multiple resources available for you to create your own COVID-19 management plan to keep you, your employees, and your clients safe. Please see below:

Will Hardware Stores Be Open?

Yes. Bunnings, Placemakers, Mitre 10 and other retailers essential to the supply chain for building and construction can stay open to trade customers for essential purposes only.

Hardware stores will only be open to tradespeople, who need supplies in order to provide an essential service. They will not be open to the public.

Tell Us What We Can Do

Right now, we’re in unprecedented times, and we’re of the mentality that ‘we will get through this together’. Our team is working on ways to help our tradespeople get back on their feet when the time allows, and how we can best support our homeowners.

If you have any questions that have not been answered by the information and resources on this page, or have any concerns or suggestions, please get in contact with us.

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