Big Site Improvements for Homeowners & Tradespeople

June 15th, 2014

At Builderscrack we always listen to feedback from both homeowners and tradespeople. As a result of this process we’ve invested time and effort into a major site improvement which includes many of the features you’ve been asking for.

As always, we’ve extensively tested the changes but in the unlikely event you notice something isn’t quite right, please contact us.

Appointment Scheduling & Quoting

  • The appointment scheduling process has been improved and it’s also easier than ever to provide a detailed quote to homeowners.
  • Tradespeople can now attach files to their quote giving the homeowner more information.
  • Homeowners can select more than one quote option from the same tradesperson.

Adding Files to Messages

  • When messaging a tradesperson or homeowner you can now attach files to your message.

Adding Photos to Reviews

  • Both tradespeople and homeowners are able to add photos of the completed job to reviews.  This is a great way for tradespeople to improve their Builderscrack profile.

E-Mails & Site Alerts

  • Fewer e-mails will be sent out and the ones that are will have more pertinent reminders and information.
  • The onsite alert system lets you know if you have a new message or action to complete regarding a job.

Account Top-Ups

  • Tradespeople can top up their accounts via credit card quickly and simply.

General Improvements

  • The process of posting a job, selecting and interacting with tradespeople and closing off a job has been extensively upgraded resulting in a streamlined and intuitive process.
  • When you re-post a job, you can reselect anyone who was granted contact and ensure they’re sent the lead in addition to sending it to new people. You’re also taken to the post-job page where you can update job details before re-posting the job.


  • Luis Soto says:

    Hi Tracey for few days is no jobs available to see, wish I want to choose like before , for example some times we are busy so I can choose a small job to keep going, but now you guys just email me I can’t do it. if you can leave all the painting jobs people need done will be great thanks. Luis Soto Spanish Painting Co. Ltd

  • David Spiers says:

    Hi Tracey it was good to see how many reply to the jobs and how many the home owner is talking to.

  • forrestconstructionltdGreg Forrest says:

    Hi Tracey

    No problem, i actually thought of it a few months back : )

  • Greg says:

    You should be able to group/categorise uploaded photos so homeowners don’t have to search through heaps of photos. They should be able to go to the category that they are advertising in the tradies photos. Also i don’t like it how you can’t see how many quotes have been presented to the homeowner, this was better before the change : )

    • Hi Greg

      When you refer to homeowners searching through photos, which page/s are you referring to where they can be uploaded? Thanks for your other feedback also.

      • Greg Forrest says:

        Hi Tracey thank you for your reply. For instance my own photos on my builderscrack we page. I am a builder by trade but have years experience in solid timber joinery/installation, concreting and roofing. It would be good if i could separate my photos and put them in a certain category like building, roofing, solid timber joinery and so on. Instead of it being a miss match of everything, the homeowner has to trawl through the photos looking for something like the job they have just posted : )

        • Hi Greg

          Thanks for clarifying that. It’s definitely a great idea and I’ll send it to our developers for consideration. As this is just a new function we’ll be waiting a bit to see what other feedback we get about it before making any changes.

          Thanks for the suggestion though – its definitely a great one.

  • And what happened to the “Available Jobs”???? Jeez guys, don’t break it completely!

  • Kris says:

    Looks more professional,regardless you can not see other tradesmen chasing the same job, the quotes do matter!……

  • Ben says:

    I dont like the changes, especially with the changes to a job showing info how many others are chasing, and how many the owner is talking too. These changes suck

  • david says:

    Dont like that you cant see how many people are chasing the same job

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