How we decide who gets what

It’s our job to make sure job leads are sent out to tradespeople with the right skill set for the job. We look at a few different things including the skills needed for the job and the TradeRank of our tradespeople. Initially, we will send  the job lead out to 3 – 4 tradespeople.

So what is TradeRank?

TradeRank is a measure we use to find the best tradespeople for a job. It considers things such as if you’re responding to job leads, the reviews provided by homeowners and if you pay invoices on time.

By improving your TradeRank you can improve your chances of getting job leads. You can find more info on TradeRank and how to improve yours here.

What do I do when I receive a job lead?

When you receive a job lead – respond. You can chase the job or you can decline. It’s really important to take the time to respond, even if you have to decline a job lead – this tells us you’re interested but not in this particular job.

When the homeowner grants you access you can begin discussing the job. You’ll find more details on the stages of a job here.

What are extended job leads?

When you’re setting up or reviewing your Trades, you’ll notice an option to opt into ‘Extended Leads’. This means if we have a job which goes unclaimed and we’ve exhausted our pool of suitable tradespeople, we send it out to tradespeople we believe have related skills for the job.

We’re essentially ‘widening the net’ to ensure the best chances of a successful connection for both the tradesperson and homeowner.